Advent Calendar: December 21

So Sunset Valley has some new residents…

…actually it has a lot of new residents.

I decided it’d be fun to have a hood populated with a load of simselves and a load of our sims for whatever nefarious purposes I can come up with.

Across the road from our eight starter simselves live Stacey, Seth…

…Nichola and Ilandrya.  In the hood we have a whole bunch of Dayes, Kyotis, Lazaruses, Populouses, Chimerees, Masons, Mosses, Oaks, Morrigans, Parkers, Hearts, Foods, Shepherds, Honeycutts, Fletchers, simselves, and the odd Sprout and Oftpreg – and probably some others I can’t remember right now.

I decided it’d be fun to send my household of eight unsuspecting simselves out for a night on the tiles.  So I stuck a couple of bars onto the SV legacy lot, installed a later opening hours mod and sent them all for drinks.  The aim was to get them to fulfil their wants, maybe skill a little and see who were the best and worst drunks.

Your unsuspecting  victims volunteers are: Mariah, who blogs over at Koel Sims,

Laura, who writes Lakeside Heights,

Rachel, who writes the Edith Prescott Mystery Series and the Oftpreg Experiments,

Kiri from SimThing, who’s also a mod over at VSS,

Lewis, from The Marina Legacy,

Lunar, who writes Ruin,

Fury Red of Fury Red Says fame, and my simself.

While we were hanging around waiting for a mixologist, Lewis started to play darts, Lunar played shuffleboard and Laura played piano.

SimRad bought the first round of drinks.

Apparently these are ‘party drinks’ but didn’t seem to have any unusual effects on anyone.

SimRad and Mariah then immediately rolled up the want to have another drink, the lushes, and Mariah, Lewis and Rachel all decided they wanted to learn mixology.  Mariah tried to offer mixology tips to the bar lady but she was having none of it, so she ordered another round of drinks.

Meanwhile, SimRad had sneakily helped herself to some love drink or other which gave her an ‘in the mood’ moodlet.  Watch out, Lunar!

While Mariah and I were steadily becoming alcoholics, Lunar went back to her beloved shuffleboard, Kiri started dancing and the others played some table football.  A few more people started to want another drink, and Mariah had finally been served, so back to the bar it was.

Half of the party got these ‘skill boost’ drinks and the other half ended up with more party drinks.  Mariah also had some sort of ‘sorrow diminishing’ drink but it didn’t seem to have an effect.  She wanted to learn charisma, Fury wanted to jam and Kiri wanted to learn guitar, so we put these drinks to the test…

…in our band, Mariah took vocals.  Let’s hope she wasn’t attempting this

Kiri rocked out on guitar, whilst Fury was on bass…

SimRad was on drums because RealRad used to play them quite a lot in her youth…

Laura was on keyboards.  The three of us who’d had the skill boost drink (me, Fury and Kiri) skilled up fastest.

I decided not to intervene with sims’ basic needs, letting them take care of themselves on free will.  Lewis was our first toilet casualty.

The bar was dead so I sent them all to the other bar in town.  Mariah and SimRad raced there, despite having already had three drinks each to everyone else’s two (except Lunar, who just had one).

There seemed to be a few more sims here, judging by the lobby.

On the way to the bar, Kiri became the next sim to wee themselves.

Lunar, on the other hand, decided to use the dive bar’s facilities before heading on to the next destination.

In the lobby, Mariah’s bladder decided to empty itself…

…whilst my simself preferred to use the proper facilities.

There were no sims in the bar, but the lobby was crowded with them.  And with Fury’s pee.

The puddle was soon added to by Laura.

Cassia and Nillson Redd were on bar duty, not that they had any sims to serve.

SimRad went into one bar, and Mariah wanted to sneak in, so she did that into the other.  We were about to get our fourth drinks when the bars closed – even with late hours mods it’s impossible to make a proper night of it – too much faffing about with lifts and cordons.

All the other sims were still hanging around outside.  Freaks.  The lot I moved my sims onto didn’t have a bed and they all wanted to buy one, so I bought one and sent them all home to see who’d claim it first.

Kiri was the first to race off…

…followed by Laura…

…and Lunar.

SimRad and Mariah were both less than chuffed that their drinking session had been halted.

I don’t know if this is a glitch with the later opening hours mod, but SimRad, Mariah, Lewis and a pee-soaked Rachel were stuck in the upstairs lobby and couldn’t use the lift or go home.  We did keep getting pop ups to say that Rachel had told the bouncers on Mariah for her sneaking in, though.

Fury didn’t fare much better, hanging around in the downstairs lobby sniffing her own urine.

The simselves weren’t the only ones experiencing bladder failure, as Elvis Daye and Eugene Lazarus proved.  I don’t know why Cassidy Heart looks so disgusted, as seconds before…

…he’d had the same problem.

Kiri was the first simself home, and proceeded to just stand around, despite being hungry, tired, smelly and needing the loo.

Lunar was next and went straight to the fridge…

…followed by Laura, who went and ran herself a bath.

Kiri then decided to pee herself again.

Lunar gave up on cooking halfway through.

Laura smacked her forehead out of tiredness, despite a free bed being in the room next to her.

Kiri then decided to clean her teeth…

…whilst Laura finished (and burned) the waffles.

Everyone else remained stuck, but at least Lewis was happy to see Mariah there.

At long last, someone discovered a bed.

And Lunar was the first to zonk out.

So, how did everyone’s stats bear up at the end of the night?

Skills learned: Rad 1 (drums), Fury 1 (bass), Kiri 1 (guitar), Mariah 1 partial (charisma), Laura 2 partial (cookery and piano), Lunar 1 partial (cookery)

Dancing danced: A little bit by Kiri.

Drinks downed: 3 (Mariah, Rad) 2 (Fury, Rachel, Laura, Kiri, Lewis) 1 (Lunar)

Pee fails: Kiri x2, Lewis, Rachel, Mariah, Fury, Laura

LTH points: Rad 1461, Mariah 1103, Fury 1003, Kiri 922, Lunar 846, Laura 805, Lewis 621, Rachel 487

Mood states (all had red plumbobs): Laura (three bars of solid green), Rad/Lunar/Lewis (two and a half bars of green), Fury (three half bars of green), Kiri (two partial bars of green), Mariah (two partial bars of green, four bars of red and five negative moodlets).

So, overall, Lunar and Laura seem to be the most sensible drinkers, I seem to be the best able to handle a lot of drinks, Rachel doesn’t seem to enjoy the party lifestyle, and Mariah and Kiri seem to have the most issues.  Lewis is fine as long as he’s near Mariah, and Fury seems to like standing in the wet patch.

Remember kids, drink sensibly over the festive period, don’t drink and drive, and all the usual warnings – and also: remember to use a toilet when you need to!


12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 21

  1. Too funny!!! I wonder which Honeycutt made it into the neighborhood? I was hoping one of the simselves would meet up with him or her. 🙂 I was so sure that in Sims 3 there weren’t any pee accidents because they take care of their own bladders?

    • Kalina, Zuleika and your simself are hanging around somewhere in the hood…

      You’ve never had bladder failure? My sims are useless at going to the loo.

  2. Sim Fury can’t handle her drink >_< You gots some Hearts roaming around the joint as well then? I wonder who… Gawd if it's Luca or Wolfie everyone is in serious physical danger, of the sexeh nature 😛

    • At the moment Bellamy,Ginger Jessie, Zephyr Mars and Cassidy are hanging about – I plan to get me some of the others in there eventually.

  3. OMG, that’s hilarious! I thought I’d do the same thing with our sim selves. Send them to a bar and see what happens. Haha, now we know. (Also, it’s very realistic that I’m the first one to get food and the first one to go to sleep.)

    • I imagine Bridgeport might have been more entertaining but I wanted a hood with the SV townies in. Once you were done playing with the shuffle board you were by far the most sensible.

  4. I’m a bit late in commenting, but this was hilarious! Who knew you and Mariah were such alcoholics? I can’t believe so many sims didn’t take care of themselves, I don’t know how these ISBI guys manage. It’d drive me insane.


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