Advent Calendar: December 22

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a good old panto, so we present to you the Rad’s Sims Stuff pantomime 2010! [Oh no it isn’t!] [Oh yes it is!]

Baron Hardup lived in the middle of the countryside.

He shared a house with his two step-daughters, Gar and Polly.

His daughter, Piranhella, also lived with them…

but because her step-sisters were jealous of her good looks, they made her sleep in the kitchen.

Her step-sisters made her do all the cooking and cleaning, and never said thank you.

One day, the Prince sent out invitations for a ball he was having. The whole town was invited.

However, Piranhella’s step-sisters told her she couldn’t come with them, as there was simply too much cleaning to do.

Piranhella was distraught.

Then, a voice called out, ‘Piranhella’.

The woman introduced herself as Piranhella’s fairy grandmother and promised her she would go to the ball.

The fairy grandmother asked her to bring her a mouse and a pumpkin, and with a flick of the wand…

…she had a carriage to take her to the ball.

As she left, her fairy grandmother called out a warning to her – she needed to be home by midnight or her carriage would turn back into a pumpkin.

At the palace, Prince Mark’s assistant DanFitzi was playing the piano as the guests danced.

Gar and Polly were there, dressed up in their finery.

They longed to catch the Prince’s eye and each hoped to become his wife.

Then the whole room turned to see a beautiful young woman enter the ballroom.

Prince Mark was stunned by this vision of beauty and asked her to dance.

They danced as if they were the only two people in the world.

Suddenly the clock began to strike midnight, and Piranhella turned and ran.

Prince Mark was bereft. He didn’t even get the girl’s name, and now she’d gone.

However, she’d left her shoes behind…

Prince Mark called DanFitzi the next day to tell him of his plan.

They were to take the shoes to every house in town until they found the girl they belonged to.

They took the shoes all over town, but nobody’s feet fit them.

Finally, they reached Baron Hardup’s house, where the sisters tried the shoes on. Gar’s feet were too narrow.

Polly’s feet were too big.

Piranhella, unaware of the Prince’s visit, confided in her friend Buttons that she’d met the man of her dreams and had let him slip away.

The Prince was distraught that he hadn’t found his woman and begged Baron Hardup to think if he knew of any other young women. The Baron said he did have another daughter, but she’d not been at the ball. Still, he could call for her if the Prince so wanted.

Gingerly, Piranhella approached.

She agreed to tried on the shoes…

…they were a perfect fit.

Prince Mark looked into the girl’s eyes and knew he had found her.

He turned away to fetch something from his pocket…

…and pulled out a ring.

Prince Marc asked Piranhella to be his wife, and she gladly agreed.

The ring fit as snugly as the shoes…

…and they all lived happily ever after.


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