Advent Calendar: December 24

I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in the UK, the office Christmas party is a big tradition, so it was only fair that I hosted my own.

I created a top notch venue, replete with a dancefloor, stereo, skilling equipment, gaming equipment, bars, food, toilets – everything sims could possibly need. Then, using Twallan’s lovely mods, I stacked my house full of several of my simmies and invited all the others over to party.

And here they all come…

…and start to mingle on the lawn.

I wonder where all my party guests are…

Eventually a few of the Dayes made it into the house.

Most sims, though, just hung around in a big group outside, even when I tried to get them all ‘invited in’.

Piranha: ‘Hmmm, I’m not quite sure about the way genetics in this family have developed over the past few generations’. Wait till you see Pollo, my dear.

Having, oooh, 60 or 70 sims on a lot is not to be advised. This is essentially the kind of thing that happens.

I had to use resetsim on little Noah Lazarus to stop everyone freaking out about the baby. He was also glitching weirdly which wasn’t exactly comforting.

Where is everyone?

Eventually a scrum started to form in the doorway, mostly of Dayes.

Daisy: ‘Woo! Party!’

Yeah, she decided to use that moment to age up.

Somebody had a bladder accident, despite being really near the toilets.

Most of the sims still hung around outside, though.

Night turned into day and chaos reigned, though the odd sim made it off the lot to go to school or work.

Then this sort of thing started to happen…

…a lot.

‘Come on simmies, PARTY TIME!’

There was so much bladder fail going on, we got our own lake.

The lawn is still where it’s at, though. It has a beautiful vista, don’tcha know?

Ian Populous then decided he’d have a birthday, too, and I decided to install some more doors to see if that would encourage them in.

Calista and Giggles were kind enough to cheer him on in front of some of the decs and make it look like a proper Christmas party.

Fuji: ‘Oh, so there’s a PARTY going on? Why did nobody tell me?’

I need a drink.

Legacy founders unite!

Alley seems to be taking her new party lifestyle very seriously. Although not seriously enough to actually, you know, party.

Day 3 and most of the sims are still hanging around on the lawn. They’re not even playing gnubb or using the trampoline. Gandalf and Scumbag are the only ones with the good sense to use the toilets.

Karis: ‘Since standing near this fire ghost and this firefighter, I seem to have a one track mind’.

A quick party political broadcast from the Vote Puddle! party.

A lot of bladder failures = a lot of smelly sims.

The things I do for you.

Don’t try this at home, kids.

And so, as I down a much needed drink, from myself and this untameable rabble,

A very Merry Christmas to all of you!


11 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 24

  1. Did your game lag like crazy? Holy crap that’s a lot of sims.

    I think your simself needs lots and lots of drinks to recover from that 😀

    Merry Xmas again (it’s Xmas Day here and I’m sitting in front of the fan because it’s hot – I wish we had snow!)

    • Everything involving the Dayes and Kyotis (at least in terms of parties) is a failfest. The rest of my poor simmies, being dragged down by my legacy families 😉

  2. oh my god this is so funny! You must have one incredible computer to handle that many sims on a lot at the same time, but even with the lag you said you had, it is hysterical to watch them.

    hope you had a better party once you sent them home!

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