Boolprop’s Next Top Model is coming to an end…

…and it’s been so much fun taking part!

I’ve just put up my final entry and now it’s time for us to wait for the judging. The competition is fierce and I have my own idea who I think will win (not me!) but sometimes the judging has thrown up surprise results. The NTM forum is here if you want to see all the entries – everyone has done so well and it’s been so exciting to see all the different interpretations.

I have loved playing about with all the prompts and experimenting with hair, staging and lighting. I love how the same sim can look totally different with just a few changes. I know not everyone’s on Boolprop, so here are the shots I chose, along with some outtakes. Calista’s now available to download as well.

Entry round – Black and White



Round one – Feminine



Round two – Colour my emotion






Round three – Water



Round four – Fantasy



Round five – Future


In the future, you will be able to have your own army of clones to do all the work for you

In the future, human/alien families will be commonplace

In the future, no-one will judge you because of gender, age, sexuality or skin colour.

Calista played everyone in this shoot, including the men.


Round six – Grunge



Round seven – Lost in the Desert



Round eight – Work of Art


‘Untitled Red 1964’ by Mark Rothko


Calista is part of a Rothko gallery!

‘The Maybe’ – Cornelia Parker and Tilda Swinton

‘The Last Thing I Said To You Was Don’t Leave Me Here II’ – Tracey Emin


12 thoughts on “Boolprop’s Next Top Model is coming to an end…

  1. That is awesome! I love the art-sim conversions the best. SO cool! 🙂 I’ve been a big fan of your sims for ages and was recently inspired to start my own legacy blog. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to check it out and if you’d be kind enough to link it to your blog!

  2. I had read about this a few times and wondered what people meant, these are great and I’m popping over to Boolprop to take a look at the other entries 🙂

    • Some of the outtakes didn’t fit as well with the requirements for each challenge, or ended up being a little similar to things others had submitted, but this was a lot of fun to try, playing with the possibilities of the game.

  3. I just joined Boolprop so I could see the other entries. They’d have to be REEEEALLY good to beat yours. I can’t find the original post though so I can follow chronologically. My username is Sundancer16. Come find me!

    • I take it you found it OK then?

      That’s my favourite too for the final, though I have an inkling about who will actually win.

      Isn’t everyone so clever?

  4. WOW! Those are all amazing on Boolprop! The Marilyn picture and the summertime one are breathtakingly realistic, but yours and the Scream are REALLY creative! Not to be biased, but I do believe yours deserves to win. 🙂 Best of luck!

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