Dayes and Knights

The latest Dayes update, Fireman Sham, sees a rather unhappy Rad, as you might gather from the title.

I’d also like to introduce you to a small side-project of mine, Rainbow Knights.  This is a ten-generation, ten-chapter super-speedy-rainbow-uglacy.  By super-speedy I mean speedy to read and played on short mode.  Yup, my sims are only living for 25 days.  It’s a bit of fun for when I just want a change from the Dayes and Populouses, and expect updates very infrequently.  Still, chapter 1: Paint it Black is ready now if you want to say hello to Generation one.

I’m aiming to update Taken mid-week, but don’t expect Operation: Population to update for at least another week as I haven’t had time to play with them since the last chapter.


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