Message to The Mare’s Nest

I distinctly remember my 80s bathtimes involving the following:


Miss Matey

That green robot one

Father Christmas Matey

Snowman/Snowy Matey

…and probably some other ones.  That’s more than four.  And I suspect your frame of reference is from a similar time  period to mine.


Of course, the official Matey website claims just four new fangled ones now:

Sailor Matey

Mer Matey

Lucky (the Parrot) Matey

Doctopus the Octopus Matey

But a quick google reveals:

Pirate/Peg Leg Matey

Molly Matey


According to their website there have also been:

Rudolph Matey

Wizard Matey

Anyway.  More than four.

This is perhaps the saddest blog post I have ever composed.


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