New Taken and Golden Plumbobs

A short new Taken chapter is up: 24. Late One Night.  Not 100% sure when I’ll update anything else, this is a hectic week. I’ll do my best to update Operation: Population either this weekend or early next week.  Rainbow Knights will probably be late next week.  Dayes and Taken are unlikely to be updated again until next weekend or thereabouts.  Work’s pretty full-on right now and will be for the next few weeks, so everything’s going to be on an as-and-when basis.

In other news, Boolprop’s Golden Plumbob awards are open for voting now, and I’m very grateful to whoever nominated me, but I’m also delighted to see loads of my favourite simmers also nominated, including Chisagi, dbloveshermac, raquelaroden, hrootbeer, desmera and Ringoosu, MedleyMisty, Nichola, Styx, Mmmtoast and loads of other fab people.  It’s hard to choose but well done to everyone who was nominated.


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