Sim Site of the Week: ALBUS (A Legacy Built Upon Speed)

I like it when other simmers do the same kind of crazy things I do.  So if someone does an apoc or a WYDC I am all over that sucker like a rash.  I was therefore very pleased to see another simming loony attempt a legacy on the short lifespan.  A Legacy Built Upon Speed, or ALBUS is Littlemissstrix’s speed legacy, and she’s already way ahead of me with her Gen 5 heir already married off, all within just eight short chapters.

I’m pleased to see that the Velocity family (all of whom are named according to speediness) are about as good at LTH and LTWs as the Knights, i.e. completely hopeless.  Go and see for yourselves just how crazy, but fun, this speed legacy lark can be.


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