New OP and my latest news…

Finally managed to update something 🙂

Baby X is here in Operation: Population 57. Accepting a Decision.  Baby X!  Only two more to go!

My computer’s gone in for repair which could take up to a month 😦 I think my graphics card is having a fit.  That’ll teach me for somehow uninstalling or disabling the fps limiter I was using a while ago.  I miss the Dayes soooo much and can’t wait to get them experimenting with Generations when it comes out.  This is all hoping my backed up files transfer back OK when my computer returns, of course!

My PhD work is still commanding my life and will do until Autumn when I finish, but I will keep simming and updating, just less often.

I’m still reading as well, but not as fast and I’ll be commenting less, I’m afraid.  I’m also going to limit my recommended sites to one a month, rather than one a week, and I’ll have a think about whose site I’ll promote next, but that will be within the next few days.

Am still around on Boolprop, VSS and GoS but lurking a bit more than usual for the time being.  Bear with me,  I think I’ll be around a bit more during the summer when teaching and marking ends – I’ll need something to stave off the boredom of redrafting and editing my thesis!


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