Updates and uploads

Taken’s been updated: 29. Anniversary. Rainbow Knights has also been updated: 5. Behind the Green Door.

As well as the updates, I’ve put up loads more sims for download (but have forgotten Udagawa Populous and OrangeWeds Knight – next time I’m in the game I’ll sort that out). I *think* there should be versions available with default and non-default skins where relevant. Even if you use non-default skins in your game, you might want to download the default versions and fix a non-default skin on yourself in CAS as I know sims with non-default skins can cause game crashing sometimes. All my skins come from GoS, Lady Frontbum, Club Crimsyn and Miss Skitty. If anything goes wrong, let me know.

There probably won’t be any new updates to any of the blogs for two or three weeks now, as I have deadlines coming up.


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