The latest on my PhD

For those that are interested!

I must have (no exaggeration) a million or so words of my own notes, probably more (definitely more when you add in things like policy documents and other people’s research materials) and I have to get it all down to 80,000 (plus a bit of leeway).  I’ve got two and a half chapters done, two and a half to go, plus the intro, conclusion, bibliography and appendix – and THEN the formatting and editing will begin.  The bulk of that million or so words is for the current chapter, which needs to be about 20,000 words (am about half-way there).  It’s a tricksy job – not to mention I was hoping to have this AND another chapter finished by this week.  So yeah.  I’m working six-seven day weeks and most hours of the day right now – including several hours’ teaching a week until mid-June and a huge pile of marking coming my way next week.

I am dipping in and out of simming blogs and managed to play my game for an hour last night.  It’s kind of like that at the moment – but I haven’t gone away and I’m not giving up on anything, either in terms of reading your blogs or writing my own.  I have a whole new simming thing planned for when OP finishes that I’m very excited about – beginning that is going to be my present to myself when I have finished my second full draft – but before I get there I have to have my first full draft done!  Wish me luck…


15 thoughts on “The latest on my PhD

  1. Wow! And I thought I had it bad having to finish my second draft in six more weeks, lol! Seriously, kudos to you! I’m wishing you lots of luck, and energy drinks, and clear thoughts, and finished chapters!

  2. Thanks all of you 🙂 Yes, I will INSIST you call me Dr Rad.

    OK, no I won’t. Except perhaps for comedy purposes from time to time.

  3. Wow! A million words! That’s impressive. I’m just about to start my first chapter. I will take you as proof that I can sim and dissertate at the same time!

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