New Operation: Population

Crikey!  It’s been about six weeks!  I have been playing the Populouses but their save file is really buggy and crashy so it takes a long time to get anywhere – still, with the large extended family and the challenge coming so close to its end, I won’t be doing anything drastic like moving them, we’ll just have to muddle along.  Anyway, catch up with the clan in 58. Having a Routine.  Now to spend a little bit of time with both the Dayes and the Knights so we can move towards more updates…


6 thoughts on “New Operation: Population

  1. Hi, Rad. I’ve been lurking for a month or so, but I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your different blogs. I’ve read through the Kyoti Legacy and the Populous’s. I hadn’t played the Sims 3 too much since it came out, but I suddenly have gotten into it again since reading about Legacies. I’ve started the basic legacy, (founder: Jonquil Plainsong), but its slow-going. I hope to get some story-telling and blogging going eventually, but reading yours makes it more fun to play!

      • Hi, Rad,

        I almost feel like I’m writing to you as my Sims 3 therapist, I feel that I must vent to another addict… 🙂 Still no blog up. I’m currently rather dispirited about my Legacy because my Gen 2 spare was electrocuted and died the last time I played. She was only a young adult, doing well in her medical career and it WAS sad. It was rather good to free up a space in the household bacause it was full, but I was expecting my 2 elders to kick it at any time!!
        I’ve cheated in that I have moved my Sims from Sunset Valley to Bridgeport when I recently got Late Night, but now I’m thinking of moving them again to TwinBrook. They have a hellacious commute in Bridgeport, and maybe being back in the Burbs would be fun for them, and me… Will keep you posted… What is your PhD in?

      • PhD – media/sociology (more specifically, British factual TV programmes about religion/spirituality). Twinbrook is a great hood. Bridgeport is nice but unwieldy with a lot of sims.

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