New Dayes and busy days

So the Dayes, Knights and I are having fun with Generations and there’s a new Dayes of Our Lives update: My Generation(s). Taken’s been a bit on the back burner because in the free time I do have to play, I’ve been playing with the EP and been doing a new Boolprop’s Next Top Model. (Jupiter Jones. I’ll upload him after the competition, but he’s the fella whose picture’s in this update).

The Populouses are pretty unplayable right now. They’ve crashed within minutes the last four times I’ve played them. Maybe their complicated family set-up is too much for the game (though it hasn’t affected the incestuous Knight clan). I don’t know what I’ll do there but I’ll be working on fixing it.

Other than that, my PhD deadline approaches faster than I’d like so don’t expect much simming/blogging/reading through June and July as I finish my first and second drafts. It might increase in August when I’ll mostly be editing to prepare for final submission – we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “New Dayes and busy days

  1. I really hope you can fix the populous file. Getting that close to the end and not being able to finish must be the worst 😦

    Wishing you tons of luck with your game file and your PhD, you can do it Rad!

    • I’ll find a way, but I don’t want to move them or anything, I really want to finish their story in the same hood. I don’t know what’s going on with the Populouses, really. There’s some sort of any game starter mod out there, I might see if playing them without Generations works.

      • I’ll take a look when I can- I usually wait until people have a few chapters under their belt before I add a link though.

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