Indigo girls (and boys)

So I managed to get the new Rainbow Knights chapter up: 7. Indigo Here we Go-o.

I have a week off mid-July so I expect that’ll be the next time anything updates – but (assuming the Populous save file works this time) all four blogs should get updated.


2 thoughts on “Indigo girls (and boys)

  1. Hi, Rad!
    I’ve started a NEW rainbow legacy, after the Plainsong Legacy was driving me crazy due to Bridgeport, and my lack of good photos. I’ve actually started blogging this one. I started on WordPress but have switched it to for now. It’s only 4 posts so its good for a bit of procrastination. I hope things progress smoothly with your PhD. I lived through my husband’s dissertation, and he just hated it!
    With so many other things going on in your life, I wanted to thank you again for your great Legacies, and your links to everything else. You’ve become my ground zero when l’m looking for new legacies. They are nearly more fun to read than the Sims 3 is to play!

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