A Snap of Life #2

The new round of Boolprop’s A Snap of Life competition is up, so time to check in with Indigo Blind. This round is all about ‘The Job Hunt’.

Round info (copied and pasted): Now you’re living in your own place, you have to pay the bills. Time to find a job and start receiving those pay cheques. But where will you work? What will you do? Will you find work in an office or will you work from home?
Three Pictures again this round; a Headshot, A Fullbody and A Freestyle.
Feel free to post extra pictures (max 4)


It was only my first night in my new home, but I couldn’t stand the bare walls and the grotty paintwork any longer – I needed to find a job. I resolved that first thing in the morning I would look for stylist work. I’m not sure I want to be a stylist forever, but it’s all I’ve ever known for work, so it will be a start.


The salon in Barnacle Bay is much larger than the one in Twinbrook, and I was a little overwhelmed by the quality of the styling materials – so much more expensive than those I was used to. I really hoped I wouldn’t mess things up.


For my interview, I had to makeover a local – I chose to turn Tobias Goldbeard into a pirate – he said he aimed to be mayor of the Bay and I thought this image would help win people to his cause. Fortunately he agreed, and the job was mine!


I have to wear this uniform for work. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, it’s so far removed from my comfy clothing – but I have to admit, it makes me look much more professional than I feel.


My first few days of work gave me enough money to paper my walls, and I found some bargain furniture at the Sell’n’Swap – all second hand, but in great condition. My place was starting to feel like home.


Whoever lived here before me left an old workbench in the yard. The lady at the Sell’n’Swap gave me a bunch of scrap, and said if I could get anything worthwhile out of it, she might be able to sell what I made. I need all the money I can get if I really want my little house to be home, so I got started as soon as I got home.


I was really impressed with my first effort.


The lady at the Sell’n’Swap was too – she reckons there’ll be a real demand for more inventions if I keep working at them. Maybe in time I really can make some money from this hobby. My first week in Barnacle Bay, and two jobs already – things are looking up!


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