Where I’m at right now

I’m working like mad to redraft my thesis – second draft all this week, and then probably a third draft to follow (and hopefully not fourth but you never know :/).

I’m supposed to hand it in at the end of September but I also have a conference paper to present in a fortnight, edits to a book chapter due mid-Sep, teaching prep and admin for the new semester starting mid-Sep, and I’m going away for a festival (whoop, a non-work thing! over the Bank Holiday). Therefore, I don’t think I will be simming much beyond staging shots for the competitions I’m taking part in until October at the earliest.

Am missing the Dayes/Knights/Populouses and Taken characters a lot, and really want to play/write them but I have to keep prioritising work right now. I want you to know I haven’t given up on simming, writing or reading your blogs – but even when I finally become Doctor Rad, I suspect the updates won’t be as frequent as they were last year and I might not be able to read your stuff very often, nor leave much in the way of comments.

Love you guys though, do keep in touch via Facebook/Twitter/blog comments/HHS/Boolprop as I will continue checking in to all those places.


3 thoughts on “Where I’m at right now

  1. Doctor Rad sounds bloody awesome 🙂

    Thanks for keeping us updated, and although I am totaly selfish and want you to write for us no matter what, real life stuff always takes precedence.

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