A Snap of Life #3

Here’s the third of Indigo Blind’s escapades in Barnacle Bay. The latest theme is ‘The First Date’. First Dates are always awkward. But some are perfect. Whats this date like? Who’s it with? Where’d you go? Was it a successful first date, or was it one to add to the list of ‘worst dates of your life’? A HeadShot, A Bodyshot and A Freestyle are required. As usual post other pictures if you want (max 4)


I enjoy my job, and people seem to like the makeovers I give them – but I was taken aback when Malik loved his so much he offered to buy me dinner as a thank you.


We arranged to meet at the beach. I stumbled up the stairs on the way into the bar. I was so embarrassed – I hoped he hadn’t noticed.


Things were a little awkward between us when we arrived. I wondered if he’d seen me trip up.


To break the ice, I thought I’d try a little flirting.


He turned on his heels and ran away.

I didn’t understand… until I looked down and realised, he’d seen the version of me I was trying to hide.


I changed back into my normal clothes, trying to feel more ‘me’, trying to regain my composure. I watched for him, desperately hoping he’d return.


There was no sign though. I sat on the beach, my head foggy with shame and regret. No man would ever like me for who I was. Maybe I would never be accepted.

I felt tears start to prick my eyes… then a man’s voice cut through the fog. ‘Hey. Don’t cry’.


3 thoughts on “A Snap of Life #3

  1. Aww I am really enjoying these! Poor Indigo, I hope she meets someone who will like the real her.

    I love the way you write 🙂

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