A Snap of Life #4

Time for the latest in Indigo Blind’s exploits… This time the theme is ‘Taking the Next Step’: You’ve been dating for awhile now. The next step is Engagement.
Who asked who? Where? How? Was it on bended knee? Was it romantic? Or could it have used abit more thought?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle, Extras (max 4)


He came. I was on my own, left stranded by my date, on the brink of tears, and there he was. My Knight may not have been in shining armour, but he rescued me.


I wanted to take it slowly. When we lived in Twinbrook everything had gone too quickly. Biro Ink was my childhood friend and we’d never been apart. So he rented a flat in Barnacle Bay, took a job at the school, and we started dating.

He surprised me with flowers and gifts on a regular basis.


We still played and had fun together as we did when we were children – he’s always been the one person who loves me as I truly am – however I am.


We spent most of our dates at the beach, though, watching the stars, catching the waves, basking in the sun.

After several months, I realised I’d found what I came here for – a sense of my own certainty.


And so the time came for me to propose – but I dropped the ring!

I was so embarrassed.


Biro Ink started to giggle… and as I looked at him and saw the love in his eyes, I couldn’t help but giggle too.

‘Hey, you didn’t notice that, right?’ I gave him my goofiest grin possible… and presented him with what I hoped was a perfect ring.


He said yes!


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