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For those that want to know about my real-life shenanigans…

Have been away most of the last week or two, so that was hectic. Working on my final PhD draft which I hope to finish next week and get to my proof-reader, then have to finish the book chapter by the end of next week, plan the first few sessions of teaching, do whatever edits my proof-reader finds and start the new year’s teaching…

But if all that goes to plan, I’ll be able to sim again in early October and should be able to play a bit more regularly from then on. I can’t wait – I am missing my sims so much, and all of yours, really excited to see where all your stories have been going these past few months as well as taking my sims on some new adventures.


2 thoughts on “Latest news

  1. Busy lady! Hopefully your proofreader doesn’t find too much that needs fixing. Can’t wait to see what happens next in Taken! I have to get myself caught up with your other stories.

  2. It’s so frustrating because I know exactly where Taken’s going and I’m so desperate to play with the other families… but it should only be three weeks or so now…

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