A Snap of Life 5

Here’s my latest Snap of Life entry…

Round Five- Last Night of Freedom.

Your wedding day’s just around the corner.
This is the last night you get to do all the things a married person can’t.
Good clean fun? Or law pushing activities?
Keep ’em PG. Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra happening. (max 4)


It was the day before we were due to marry. Biro Ink had gone back to Twinbrook to spend the night with his family. I had planned to spend my time perfecting my hair and make-up for the big day, but whatever I tried, nothing seemed to work.


It was pathetic. I make a living from being a stylist. I can make others look good, so how come I couldn’t get it right when it came to myself?


It was useless. I sank to my knees and began to cry. I just wanted to look perfect for him.

After a little while, I shook myself. I needed to do something to take my mind off it. Maybe then inspiration would strike.


I went back to my work bench. Whenever I’m stressed, working on new inventions helps to relax me and refocus me.


I couldn’t believe it! Tonight of all nights, I’d finally invented the thing I’d long dreamed of – my very own simbot! I named her Deep Blue Something.


My euphoria at her creation turned once more to despair as I realised that I still hadn’t completed my mission – I was no closer to finding the hairstyle or make-up that was right.

Deep Blue Something noticed my expression and asked what was wrong, and so I told her. Even though I’d only just created her, I felt a kinship with her that I’d never expected – there was a unique bond between us.


‘If he loves you, then he won’t want to marry you looking uncomfortable – he will want to see you as you truly are’, she said, as she held me.

I smiled. My new creation was somehow already infinitely wiser than I was.

I knew what I needed to do.


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