A Snap of Life #6

Here’s the latest Snap of Life update. If you want to see the rest of the indigo gen Knights again, the outtakes are on my Facebook page. I think you should be able to see them even if you don’t have a Facebook account but let me know if not.

Round Six – The Big Day.

Today’s the day. The exchanging of rings.
White meringue dress? Or simple and elegant?
Traditional Wedding? or something completely unique?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra shots (max 4)


‘Are you ready?’ Deep Blue Something asked me.

I looked around. The beach was warm with a mild breeze. Our friends and family were gathered. He was there.

I took a deep breath.

I was ready.


We stood under the heart-shaped arch. Biro Ink smiled the hugest smile when he saw me.

‘You look perfect’, he whispered, ‘Just perfect’.


I thought the moment I put the ring on my new husband’s finger was the happiest moment of my life…

… but I was wrong…


It was the moment he put the ring on mine.


We danced into the night with our loved ones around us.

As we danced, he lent me over and looked into my eyes.

‘I love you, Ms Knight’.


I no longer feared to be myself – in any form. I no longer feared that our love was borne purely out of a forced childhood closeness. I knew now that we were destined to be together, and that we made each other whole.

As the night fell around us and the waves lapped the shore, I whispered back.

‘I love you too, Mr Knight’.


2 thoughts on “A Snap of Life #6

    • It didn’t fit her personality to dress her up – I was very relieved that doll-selves could actually get married as I wasn’t sure if the game would force her to be in sim form.

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