CC and Pets etc – what do I need to know?

I’ve kind of stayed away from the whole CC mess to do with the Pets install until I was ready to get the game, but my computer’s been away, come back and has had everything wiped from it, so I need to do a clean reinstall, and Pets is now on the way so I can install that too.  So what’s the latest on CC/mods?

I know there are multiple tools for ‘fixing’ CC – which tools are the best, which should I avoid?  Do they do both .package, and .dbc?  Is there any CC that’s totally stopped working post-Pets, even with the tools?

Now to figure out where on earth all my SPs and EPs are to do the reinstalls…


10 thoughts on “CC and Pets etc – what do I need to know?

  1. The Master Controller by Nraas has been updated for Pets.
    AWT’s Slider Hack (increases slider limits. I believe the MC does so too) has been updated. This is useful if you use sliders.

    The cc that was “broken” by Pets is cc that include slots like tables, couches, beds, shelves, etc. I used the TSR Bug Fix and it worked like a charm. Just be sure to back up your TS3 folder if you need to. You can fix the sims3packs before installing, or you can install and then fix your DCCache files.

    Over at MySims3Blog, someone has created a fix for .package files. I haven’t used it personally bc I dont really have a lot of .package files that include slotted objects. The ones I do have are from Awesims, and she has updated her files for pets.

    All of the CC I had pre-Pets works fine. I don’t have any problems and I haven’t had any crashing. My suggestion is to install Pets without any custom content at all, then slowly put in/install custom content and test frequently. Then, once you know your game works with the cc you have, always retain a backup before installing anything in the future.


  2. I haven’t actually downloaded any of the fixers because I’m not sure how to use them. Some of my cc tables, it’s like all their chair slots got piled into the middle of the table, so when I try to place chairs around the table, they just stack up in the middle. So I mostly just use EA tables. Some of the beds too, have no animations, so it’s like my sims are just lying kind of on top. It doesn’t bother me too much, because they still work, it just looks funny.

    I’ll be interested to see how other people answer so maybe I can learn a thing or two. ^^

  3. I used (using) Grant’s fix (the one at MySims3Blog). Once you download it place it on your desktop and drop each package file on it to fix it. Time consuming!!! I may end up downloading TSR’s so I can do it all in one shot. I maybe wrong, but I don’t think it fixes beds. I’m not sure how to fix those yet. CC beds. Once they are slept in they get wonky.

    • I don’t know if I have many CC beds – does Grant’s fix do combined packages and .dbc files? Little reluctant to try something from TSR but I have heard their fix is good.

  4. Yes, Grant’s will do merged files, though if you have CC beds in those merges they will not be fixed. I don’t know about .dbc files. I only install 3rd party cc as packages.

    I too have been reluctant to try TSR, reading about them on the forums has me nervous.

  5. I did a little cruising on the internets, and though I too am reluctant to try anything from TSR, everyone says that their CC fixer works like a charm. I don’t have Pets yet and don’t have any issues with the patch, but once I do get the expansion I might break down and get the TSR CC fixer – unless Twallen comes out with one before then.

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