Sim site of the month: Different Rain

I can’t believe I haven’t listed this story before, but now is the perfect time, as yesterday it celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Different Rain is Orangeplumbbob (aka OPB)’s DITFT patriarchy challenge – but it’s so much more than that.  It’s an epic story of the lives of a family of men whose lives have in various ways caused them to be damaged, yet who seek to achieve great things amidst their often messy personal lives.  Not only that, it is a story written with real heart and conviction, with a real sense of care for the characters (even when they’re being bad!) and with a great sense of shot-taking.

OPB put up a load of cool anniversary stuff yesterday as well, so now is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the Rains and to wish OPB congratulations on a year of fine storytelling!

In other news, I now have Pets and have begun the giant reinstall/check CC process – and after that, I’m looking forward to updating again!


3 thoughts on “Sim site of the month: Different Rain

  1. You know this is like one of my favorite sites to go to Rad. It’s where I found a lot of stories that I’ve come to love – like Chasing the Storm and The Imaginary Legacy and of course Taken (which is my favorite Sims Story). It’s also where I found Club Crimsyn which is like my favorite CC site. So, now here’s Different Rain as the Site of the Month and I have no words to describe to you how I feel. I seriously was crying all evening last night because I was so happy. Thank you so much Rad.

    And Cait, thanks girl. You know it’s all because of RSGNM that I even started this whole thing. You were my inspiration! ❤

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