Casting call

Do you have a sim who is a tired of being a poor spare? One who you unceremoniously dumped from your legacy/DITFT/ISBI/etc house without a care when you knew they would not be siring the next generation? Do you regret never giving them a chance of life?

In order to spice up some of my plans, I am looking for you to nominate one of your neglected spares whom you would like to see get a second chance. The winner will be featured in my top secret* super-new project and will get a new life of their own. I might also choose one or two runners-up for other nefarious purposes.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

– Sims who are teen or YA; or pets of any age. They should be ‘spares’ or side characters.
– If they’re a ghost/vamp/mummy/IF, you must be prepared for me to turn them ‘normal’. No Simbots, it’s not that I don’t love them, but they don’t fit with my plans.
– If you have a sim you’re volunteering, leave a comment here or on my Facebook with a link to their download (preferably non-exchange sims), a list of where I can grab any vital CC (i.e. if they simply have to rock the same hairstyle etc), and a link to where they appear in your own story (if they do).

All will be revealed in time…

*Well top secret to all but the few who know what it is.


16 thoughts on “Casting call

  1. Blaine Manning- he was the spare in my ISBI but a computer crash killed my game 😦 I managed to salvage Blaine though, and I hope he’ll have a better time in your game. I’m not bothered about CC, he’s beautiful without it. He’s in .sim format btw.

    He’s not mentioned in my blog, but he is on the (poorly made) banner (he’s the only male on their, so he’s not hard to miss):

  2. oooo, what an intriguing idea! I wish I had Fern Foliage as a teen to send you. Alas, I don’t.

    ~eagerly awaiting the coming project~

  3. Hi!
    I commented on the Daye legacy… one time, I think. Ooops. You (probably) don’t remember me. Anyway, congrats on getting your PhD!

    I have a Sim for you – she wasn’t really part of a legacy per se, but she was the daughter of one of the Sims I used to write a blog about, so maybe that’s similar? (I deleted the blog long ago – that was back in 2009 I think.)

    Anyway, here’s a MediaFire link:

    She doesn’t have any CC on her and all her cl– wait, I did download some clothes with preg morphs, but that’s only her Athletic clothes, so either they can be random or you can just give her new ones.

    Wow that was a long comment.
    TL;DR I’m a lurker, here’s a Sim, easily replaceable CC.

  4. Hi, Rad! Don’t know if I’m too late, but I’d like to nominate one of my favorite spares ever: Rowan Moss. He was second born of the second generation of RSGNM: And here’s a pic of him as a teen: He never really got to do much with his life, and that kinda makes me sad. Anyway, here’s his link if you want him!

  5. DB – could you upload Petal as a .sim to Mediafire or somewhere? She’s not on the exchange (and also I don’t like to use the exchange).

    Emily – your link isn’t working.

    All the other sims mentioned here have arrived in Kingsfield…

    • I have her as a .Sims3Pack – is there a way I can convert that to what you need? I can get a Mediafire account and upload her.

      • If you save them to the sim bin in CAS/dresser they should appear as .sim files in the SavedSims folder. You don’t need an account at MediaFire to upload there.

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