An update on the, er, lack of updates

First things first, I have pictures uploaded for two more Kingsfield chapters and one more Dayes one – I just have to find the time (and motivation) to write them up.

As you may be aware, I took on a lot more responsibility at work in September, and as well as finishing my PhD I started a new part-time course alongside my job – and my job itself is very demanding.  Add to this two play rehearsals a week and a whole bunch of family and friends-related commitments as well as being away most weekends and you can see why things have slowed down a lot round these parts.

Good news, though – I have annual leave coming up over Easter so I’ll have a bit of time to play some more and get all the blogs updated.  The play is in late April and work will slow down a little by June so the updates will be a little more frequent.  Plus, I have managed to find a very cunning way to combine work and simming, which I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about in the next few weeks.

Bear with me – I’m committed to all three stories, and to reading your blogs when I can – but it’s never going to be at the pace it once was.  That’s kind of sad as I miss being as active in the community as I once was, but it’s also good  because it shows that things are going really well with work (and life) at the moment and that’s a nice place to be in.


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