New Taken… at last

I’m kind of ashamed about how long this took, but as I don’t get much time to sim, when I do, I’d rather play the game than stage shots. Which is also why the Dayes are a good two-three chapters ahead in play than they are in the blog… so I’ll hopefully update them this weekend too.

Anyway, new Taken Chapter is up: 44. A Day in the Life and I have the shots for the next one so am planning to publish that next weekend. I do want to get ahead of myself with it a bit if I can, but I’m directing another play so until that’s over (end of October) I can’t make promises, especially as the students are back this week and work’s in a crazy phase for a couple of weeks.

Kingsfield is accidentally on hiatus, I guess. I just haven’t had much time/motivation to play the hood lately as the Dayes have been getting all supernatural. It’ll definitely be back, but expecting an update before November would be too much, I think. As for the Knights, their next gen are toddlers in game, so we’re getting there – the Dayes are just being more fun right now.

I know I haven’t been reading or commenting much either… for the same reasons I’ve not been updating much. By November I hope to be back on a more even keel for a little while – at least until the next play gets started…


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