Of banners and simporting

Screenshot-1382The joys of having a few days off work… I’ve been playing the Dayes a lot. And although I’ve been putting it off, I think the time has come to send some of them a-simporting, so if you want to host my sims/have me host yours, let me know. I don’t entirely trust this whole system but we’ll see how it goes.

As you know (I assume) I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and it’s the 50th anniversary this year so I’m updating my banner each month in homage – this month, Echo Lazrus, Cassandra Goth, Golem Knight and Thomas Daye are trying to be the First DOctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara. Needless to say no-one is going to look especially like the characters they’re trying to be…


2 thoughts on “Of banners and simporting

  1. Love the banners! I missed January’s though… so at the end will you have a picture where we can see all the Doctors’ banners?

    • I’m sure that can be arranged.

      (For those unable to decipher my slightly rubbish modelling, we have Lestat Daye as the Second Doctor, Scott Populous as Jamie (there was a kilt but it didn’t work in the size of shot needed) and Fia Magnus as Victoria. Next month… we go colour. And some poor sim has to be Jon Pertwee)

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