A bit of housekeeping


Inspired by my new genie sim (oh yes, we have a genie 🙂 ) I’ve done a bit of cleaning around here. I’ve deleted old broken links – of which there were far too many – and removed links to any stories that haven’t been updated since the summer (unless I know the author is returning). If I’ve been a bit hasty and removed something you’re coming back to, let me know and I’ll reinstate it. After all, I’m not one to talk given how long ago I updated Kingsfield and Taken and how infrequently the Knights and Dayes get new posts.

I’m not sure I want to add too many new links as it gets hard to keep up, although there are a handful I’ll be adding soon. However, I don’t want to be missing out on my readers’ stuff, so if I haven’t got a link to your blog and it’s one that’s been going at least three months (to prove it has some chance of longevity) then tell me in the comments and I’ll rectify that.

I’ve also updated the downloads – all the adult Dayes are there now, except Drusilla and Bunnicula for some reason, which I’ll rectify ASAP, and all the adult Knights too.

I’ve been absolutely LOVING playing the Dayes lately and experimenting some more with Seasons and Supernatural so I have loads of pictures ready for new updates. I’m going to try and get some shots for Taken before I go back to work on Monday as I’m going into a temporary new role until the summer and I don’t know how busy the next few months are going to be…


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