I’ve had the shots for both Dayes and Taken uploaded since the start of this month and am part-way through writing the Dayes entry… but real life, yet again, is getting in the way.

Work is busy – but that’s just normal now – however, the main things are my Creative Writing MA, which has been quite time consuming this semester with a big reading list and an essay deadline in early May, and the fact that I’m in the process of house hunting. I’ve spent several hours every weekend for the past however many weeks looking at houses and that’s the time I’d usually have available to sim. It’s been very tiring and time consuming.

(I also bought a tablet so have got into lots of little games on that – no loading time! Joy! Being able to play a ‘level’ or get through tasks in just a few minutes here and there with no long save times! A revelation!)

Anyway, things are sort of slowly on their way with all my blogs, it just has to be a bit… as and when… and I can’t foresee that changing.

In the meantime, I’ve put a photo of one of the latest Knight kiddies on this entry to whet your appetite (but as they’re only toddlers in game, it’ll be a while yet). By the way – the banner this month is Tizer Knight as Leela and Alfie Win Kyoti as the Fourth Doctor, which reminds me I must get cracking with a May shoot!


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