So I actually finished those Dayes and Taken updates!


Colour yourselves shocked, but those updates I’ve been sitting on for ages are up. The Dayes hit University in University Speaking, whilst in Taken, events crank up in 50. Uprising.

In the banner this month, we see Pepperoni Daye as the Fifth Doctor, Mr Muscle Daye as Adric, Rae Kyoti as Tegan and Mozzy Daye as Nyssa. That means for the June banner I have to find something approximating THAT COAT. No idea how that will happen.

I see the release of Sims 4 has been met more with indifference than excitement – I feel ya. Sims 3 still feels a lot for most computers to handle, so Sims 4 might just blow them all up (look at all the graphics card blowouts etc people got from TS3 and the tons of mods that have been needed to stop it crashing, limit the FPS, limit the memory blowouts etc – never mind all those we have needed for gameplay!). On the other hand, it might be nice to play something more stripped back after the bloat of CC and EPs that my own game is groaning under the weight of.


Rest assured, Taken and Knights will finish within Sims 3 and the Dayes are committed to still experimenting with all the game has to offer – in all the EPs and SPs (but probably not all the store worlds as really not sure I can be bothered forking out for any more than the ones I already have and never play). Not sure where it leaves Kingsfield although I don’t want to write it off just yet – I may think about restarting it in TS4 and playing that as my main game with a side game of a Dayes offshoot that does everything TS4 has to offer once their TS3 counterparts are exhausted – which probably won’t be until TS5 the rate I’m going and the amount we have left to try. We’ll see how all these things go, I guess. I loved TS1 and 3 but not TS2 so I can see me being an every other game kind of simmer but I will probably get the TS4 base game and give it a shot unless it looks completely broken or requires online play (o hai the latest Sim City which I do not have even though I would have liked to have it if it were an offline game).

Also: I know the links are still out of date. I had an office clear-out / tidy-up the other week, am going to have to do the same at home with moving house coming up, so maybe the bug will spread to the blog…

Boring real-life whining after the cut, should you be interested.

In other news, I do not recommend buying a house. Or at least not if you’re fussy like me and insist on viewing loads of them. And then re-viewing some of them. And then stressing about which to buy and changing your mind every five minutes. And having to have hundreds of phone calls with estate agents. And talk to their mortgage broker. And your bank. Three times. And doing the whole negotiating offers thing. And getting solicitors to quote for the conveyancing. And a whole bunch of other steps I haven’t even got to yet, like sorting the insurance, finalising the mortgage, going into the estate agents’ office, getting the survey, liasing with the solicitors… never mind packing, sorting out removals, unpacking, buying more furniture, decorating, changing the address at a thousand and one places, sorting out utilities… I am absolutely hating it. And it all takes so long. The house I am buying is really lovely but still. Horrible, drawn-out, expensive, convoluted business that swallows all your time and energy.

Work is also busy but that goes without saying, plus people’s birthdays in different parts of the country, yadda yadda. I have lots of annual leave coming up – hopefully I will get to sim and write (both sim blogs and the novel(s) I am supposedly working on for my creative writing course) during some of that time off although moving house will probably swallow up the bulk of it and there’s also some drama group stuff going on. Whine, whine, I know. I just wish I had more time in the week…


2 thoughts on “So I actually finished those Dayes and Taken updates!

  1. Well I’m cheering for you! You’re my absolute favourite Sim writer. I’m finally caught up with all your stories and awfully sad about it because it means I now have to wait for the next updates…

    • Ha! Sorry about that! I tried to get the Knights going but their game is bugged and crashes every single time… will have to tinker with it a lot I think to get them working :/

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