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Screenshot-56Hi, I’m Rad.  I’m a UK based Academic, blogger and simmer.  I’ve been playing Sims games since 2000 – TS1 was my first love, TS3 my second love, although I’ve had flirtations with Sims 2, Medieval and FreePlay along the way.  I’ve been blogging various sims stories since 2009, and have completed a whole bunch of stories and challenges.  This is my main Sims blog, where you’ll be able to find the latest news on my Sims stories the odd random story or challenge, links to some of my favourite sites, and my thoughts on particular aspects of the game.  I update my legacies and stories on their own blogs, but for ease, you can check here for the news on the latest updates, as well other Sims-related content as and when the mood takes me.

For new readers, my main sim stories are:


Dayes of Our Lives – A bit of fun, trying to attempt everything Sims 3 has to offer for a new kind of legacy.  Not so much a story as an experiment.

Knights in Bright Pattern An ultra-speedy pattern prettacy – the sequel to Rainbow Knights takes its uglacy winner and attempts to fashion a prettacy in 10 gens with all sliders set to fastest possible!


The Kyoti Legacy – A completed ten-generation story using Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge Rules.

The Lazarus Dispatches – An completed apocalypse challenge using rules by Ashleigh.

Operation: Population – A completed Who’s Your Daddy Challenge, using Stircraxy’s rules

Rainbow Knights – A completed 10 generation, 10 chapter super-speedy uglacy

Taken – a completed epic, multi-character story

On hiatus

Kingsfield – a neighbourhood story, currently on hiatus.

I also have a Twitter account for my Sims bloggage: http://www.twitter.com/radsims – and if you are interested in random waffle about British TV and suchlike, you could also follow my ‘real’ one: http://www.twitter.com/RadShef.  I’m also on Facebook and Tumblr

Rad x


35 thoughts on “About Rad’s Sims Stuff

  1. Hi there….I know this is going to sound stupid, but since I’m completely unfamiliar with TS3, and I really want to read your work and start at the beginning, could you advise me where I should start? Again, I know that’s a dumb question.

    Thank you!!

    • It’s not a dumb question!

      Under ‘stories’ are my two VSS challenge of the month stories, they’re very short and stand alone.

      Then there are three longer challenge-based stories (filed under ‘legacies’) and for those go to whichever you are most interested in – they’re all easy to navigate and have their own blogs.

      The Kyoti Legacy was my Sims3 Legacy and is 70-odd chapters but they’re all small and the story/challenge is completed. It’s the first time I ever played a legacy or blogged a sims story so the photography etc gets better as it goes along…

      The Lazarus Dispatches is in a very different style from the Kyotis, and it’s a story playing through the apocalypse challenge as adapted for TS3. I update 1-2 times a week, and am not yet at the end of the challenge.

      Dayes of Our Lives isn’t much of a story as such; it’s a twist on the legacy to try all the crazy bits of Sims 3 most people avoid in a normal legacy challenge – it’s essentially me experimenting and having a laugh with my sims, so I hope it’s quite good fun, but it has no plot particularly. It’s a good place to learn about TS3 if you want to know more about it and its first EP. This one will be running throughout the EPs, probably.

  2. You have a great site here! I love how you have info on all of your own stories, in addition to talking about your favorites written and created by others.

    I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my own link list at:

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Now, back to browsing your site… =)

  3. I have read all of your stories and love them! I try to keep up to date and read them often. I have never used any mods with my Sims games and I was wondering if you use any and which ones. I would like to try some of them, but I’m not sure what is best. Thanks!

  4. I loved your Kyoti Legacy, it has inspired me to do a story legacy as well, and I will be reading your Apocalypse one soon (: , I just have a question, I don’t really know how to show people my Legacy, I am just starting one, so i just wanted to know, so when i do get a chapter up, people will see it. 😦

    • Set up a blog (I like WordPress) and then get involved in one of the online Sims communities and promote your story there. I’d recommend Boolprop, but I know a lot of people still use the official EA forums, and then there are others, such as Simpletons and Crazy Town which may suit you. Read and comment on lots of people’s work – readers make good writers and vice versa, and it will help you feel part of the legacy community.

  5. Thank you, that’s really helpful, I have started a blog on WordPress, but would really rather wait until I figure out how to work everything, because I am still struggling to figure out how to do pretty much everything, and when I get my first chapter set up, I will start to promote (: , one more question if you don’t mind, but what did you use to edit your header pictures? I have no clue what I should use.

    • Most WordPress templates will do it themselves in terms of cropping an existing image to size, otherwise either GIMP or Photobucket do the job fine and are useful for adding text etc.

  6. I just found this and feel like I have a ton of catching up to do once everything at school settles down for me! I don’t even know where to start. Haha.

    I was wondering if you knew of a place that all the wordpress legacy writers can gather and talk? I feel like we don’t have a real set community, and if we do, I’d love to find it and get into it. The best I feel like I can do is search tags on wordpress and just keep clicking blogrolls on all the legacies I like.

    If there’s not a place for us all to gather and chat, maybe it should be started, even if it’s just an invisionfree forum of some sort. I feel like we’re all spread out between the official Sims 3 site, Mod the Sims, and other various sites, and I’d love for there to be one place for all of us.

    This is longer than I intended. And I only have 9 minutes left of my break, so I better get onto finishing my snack. Haha. Did I make any sense?

    Happy simming!

    – Jillian

  7. I just wanted to let you know that this story has been deleted
    Immortal Dynasty Challenges | Mythical Immortal Dynasty

    all of my stories are now located on my main Sims blog

    including my new, and complete, Evergreen Immortal Dynasty
    (direct link)

  8. Hi there Rad.
    I’ve read some of your work and you are a big inspiration for me when it comes to Sims stories. I liked your idea of having a blog for each story so much that I started my own. I only have one story up as of now. A story loosely based on the Apocalypse story. take a read when you have the time 🙂

  9. Hi Rad, I am presently enjoying the dayesofourlives saga, only up to generation 8 so far but I love it and it has given me some new insight into some of the gameplay, thank you for that! Just have a question, sorry if its been posted before but I haven’t been able to read all the comments. In one of your generations you had a copy of the family who did the quests and obtained alot of the World adventure items. How did you transfer these goods to the original family you were also playing. You were so right that traveling really bloats up the save file so I too am trying to avoid that. Any help is greatly appreciated of course.

    • I duplicated one of the family members from the wa save, moved him to the main save, transferred the stuff and then killed him. Bit faffy but worked ok. It should be easier with NRaas mods now probably – or just starting a new save when you are done with travelling.

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