And another Daye update!


I haven’t been well this week, so I’ve been working at home and I haven’t been out anywhere in the evenings or weekends – which has meant my evenings and weekends have been spent simming (inbetween sleeping)… and that means another Daye update, a mere week after the last one! Enjoy as we go back and forth between the future, the present and island living…


The Knights are back! (As are the Dayes)


I am very aware of the irony of an ultra-speedy legacy being the least frequently updated thing ever, but the Knights are back in 6. It’s hip to be square. Gen 7 are children now, so you may see them this side of Christmas.

The Dayes are also back, in Ten’s Nervous Headache.

Also, for those interested the the research side of things, I’ve submitted a paper about Simblr that will hopefully come out next year, am working on one about Electronic Arts which I’m intending to submit once TS4 is out and I have a couple more planned to work on over the next few months. Will keep you posted.

More Dayes… and more of the Knights


The Knights are lucky I love them because the amount of crashing and freezing they put me through… anyway, a new chapter has finally been squeezed out: 5. Starry Starry Knights.

The Dayes are being just as annoying, but in different ways, in their new chapter In which I want to kill Dracula all over again.

Double Dayes


Oh, the fun of being off work for a few days – two Dayes updates for you!

We fail at going Into the Future in Future-Proof and we repeatedly fail at sim-killing in Killing in the Name Of.  We also get very sad about Twallan’s retirement when our game glitches all the freaking time and we realise we can’t ask him how to make it better any more (but thank you for EVERYTHING, Twallan, you are a LEGEND).

Triple update madness


Rejoice! After all the glitching and crashing in the world, I’ve finally managed to play through the stripe generation of the Knights (so much for ultra-speedy) in 4. Knight Lines (don’t do it). As if that wasn’t enough, Taken 60. Almost there is also up. Not only that, but the Dayes are back in Things you do when you’re losing the will. Have at them!

Look at the shiny!


So, I got a new computer. And it’s way faster and the graphics are better. The final Dayes update from the old computer, Starlight Distress, is up now. And over the weekend, I snuck out a new Taken chapter, 57. University (very topical given the academic year has just restarted). Annoyingly I can’t find the save I need for the next chapter so that will mean some “fun” restaging before I can update. Blech. The best news though is that the new computer has made the Knights work!! Well, they still crash to desktop, but I’m getting an hour or so’s play at a time from them which is the most I’ve managed in months. They’re even part-way through becoming teenagers! So I might be able to update them soon, which makes me very happy (assuming I can retrieve all the screenshots of them as babies/toddlers from my old computer anyway).


Have a slight spoiler as a present!

So I actually finished those Dayes and Taken updates!


Colour yourselves shocked, but those updates I’ve been sitting on for ages are up. The Dayes hit University in University Speaking, whilst in Taken, events crank up in 50. Uprising.

In the banner this month, we see Pepperoni Daye as the Fifth Doctor, Mr Muscle Daye as Adric, Rae Kyoti as Tegan and Mozzy Daye as Nyssa. That means for the June banner I have to find something approximating THAT COAT. No idea how that will happen.

I see the release of Sims 4 has been met more with indifference than excitement – I feel ya. Sims 3 still feels a lot for most computers to handle, so Sims 4 might just blow them all up (look at all the graphics card blowouts etc people got from TS3 and the tons of mods that have been needed to stop it crashing, limit the FPS, limit the memory blowouts etc – never mind all those we have needed for gameplay!). On the other hand, it might be nice to play something more stripped back after the bloat of CC and EPs that my own game is groaning under the weight of.


Rest assured, Taken and Knights will finish within Sims 3 and the Dayes are committed to still experimenting with all the game has to offer – in all the EPs and SPs (but probably not all the store worlds as really not sure I can be bothered forking out for any more than the ones I already have and never play). Not sure where it leaves Kingsfield although I don’t want to write it off just yet – I may think about restarting it in TS4 and playing that as my main game with a side game of a Dayes offshoot that does everything TS4 has to offer once their TS3 counterparts are exhausted – which probably won’t be until TS5 the rate I’m going and the amount we have left to try. We’ll see how all these things go, I guess. I loved TS1 and 3 but not TS2 so I can see me being an every other game kind of simmer but I will probably get the TS4 base game and give it a shot unless it looks completely broken or requires online play (o hai the latest Sim City which I do not have even though I would have liked to have it if it were an offline game).

Also: I know the links are still out of date. I had an office clear-out / tidy-up the other week, am going to have to do the same at home with moving house coming up, so maybe the bug will spread to the blog…

Boring real-life whining after the cut, should you be interested.

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The Dayes of Puddle’s reign are over


After two years as heir – the longest ever heirship in a legacy that didn’t go on a hiatus?? – Puddle Daye has passed on the baton.

Who to? Well, read the latest Dayes update, Heir We Go Again to find out.

As for my other stories, the Knights have had babies… plenty of babies… I haven’t played much lately, but I recently had a birthday and the latest stuff pack has arrived, with University on its way so I’m very excited about seeing how the uni expansion might work with Kingsfield. And I’ll try and update Taken within the next week or so.

As for the banner this month – Cartland Knight as the Third Doctor and Bebe Populous as Jo Grant, out for a ride in Bessie.

Of banners and simporting

Screenshot-1382The joys of having a few days off work… I’ve been playing the Dayes a lot. And although I’ve been putting it off, I think the time has come to send some of them a-simporting, so if you want to host my sims/have me host yours, let me know. I don’t entirely trust this whole system but we’ll see how it goes.

As you know (I assume) I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and it’s the 50th anniversary this year so I’m updating my banner each month in homage – this month, Echo Lazrus, Cassandra Goth, Golem Knight and Thomas Daye are trying to be the First DOctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara. Needless to say no-one is going to look especially like the characters they’re trying to be…

Dreaming of a Knight Christmas?


I had hoped to update Kingsfield and Taken by now, but the best laid plans and all that.

Still, I have a Knights update for you at long last: 3. Just the things that you do in this garden, AND a Dayes one: Park Life.


May your Dayes be merry and bright


And may all your Christmases be Knight!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Long time and all that

I know it’s been a while. My job has been incredibly full-on of late – and continues to be so – and in addition to that, not only was I directing a play, but I had to stand in for one of the actors at the last minute. I’ve also been at a conference one weekend and trying to find time to see friends and family and keep up with the creative writing course I’m doing. I’m very tired, as you can probably tell! My computer’s also being a bit iffy with the game as often is the case… and I will get Seasons eventually but I don’t have it yet.

Anyway, I’m missing all your blogs and my own sims, although I have been keeping my hand in with Boolprop’s Next Top Model, and I’ve managed to get a new Dayes of Our Lives chapter up: Supernatural High. The Knights will be next, then Taken. Kingsfield will be back in time for Christmas I think.

New Dayes

Sorry this took a while – I’ve had the shots for ages (and have the shots for most of the next chapter too) but the effort of doing a full blog post has been a bit daunting especially as I’ve had lots of other things on. Anyway – a chapter in which I go somewhat mental: A kind of madness. In a sort of opposite turn of events, I have written the next five (FIVE) chapters of Taken but don’t have any images for them yet. Sorry. I’ll get round to it soon. I’m in a bad mood with Kingsfield because my game crashed moments before a save prompt after a bunch of building ><. The Knights are also having a lot of issues, although I've managed to at least birth their next generation. So everything is on the way… at some point.

I'm just starting the second phase of my sims research, by the way, so some of you will be hearing from me about that fairly soon.

New Dayes

It’s been a lot longer than I anticipated, but they’re back in Starlight Express and I’ve been playing them a lot so expect a new chapter sooner rather than later.

Not sure when the other blogs will update as I haven’t touched any of their saves for a while.  But I hope to get onto Taken and Kingsfield again soon – I’m just having too much fun with the Dayes right now…