The Knights are back! (As are the Dayes)


I am very aware of the irony of an ultra-speedy legacy being the least frequently updated thing ever, but the Knights are back in 6. It’s hip to be square. Gen 7 are children now, so you may see them this side of Christmas.

The Dayes are also back, in Ten’s Nervous Headache.

Also, for those interested the the research side of things, I’ve submitted a paper about Simblr that will hopefully come out next year, am working on one about Electronic Arts which I’m intending to submit once TS4 is out and I have a couple more planned to work on over the next few months. Will keep you posted.


The Knights are Back!

Let’s face it, when EA introduced the age sliders and made it so that the minimum life span was no longer 25 days, it was only a matter of time before I took up that challenge. So the Knights are back, with all the sliders turned to the left (13 day lifespan, baby) and they’re aiming to go from Wii to the prettiest sim they can get in 10 generations. And the theme this time is pattern. Their new blog is called Knights in Bright Pattern and you can read the intro post, 1. Virginia Plain here. Second gen soon (cos I played ahead…)

Thanks to everyone who’s filled in the survey I posted yesterday so far – if you haven’t done so yet then please do. I’ll leave it up until late next week.

A Snap of Life #6

Here’s the latest Snap of Life update. If you want to see the rest of the indigo gen Knights again, the outtakes are on my Facebook page. I think you should be able to see them even if you don’t have a Facebook account but let me know if not.

Round Six – The Big Day.

Today’s the day. The exchanging of rings.
White meringue dress? Or simple and elegant?
Traditional Wedding? or something completely unique?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra shots (max 4)

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In the Pink

It’s been a long time, but Pink gen of the Knights finally get their time in the spotlight in 9. Pink Sunshine. A Snap of Life 6 and Taken next, then I’ll try to work on the Dayes and OP some more.

I don’t yet have Pets or the patch – lack of money and lack of time to fiddle about fixing CC – I expect it’ll be another month or so before I get it but I’m enjoying seeing shots from it in all of your games!

A Snap of Life 5

Here’s my latest Snap of Life entry…

Round Five- Last Night of Freedom.

Your wedding day’s just around the corner.
This is the last night you get to do all the things a married person can’t.
Good clean fun? Or law pushing activities?
Keep ’em PG. Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra happening. (max 4)

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A Snap of Life #4

Time for the latest in Indigo Blind’s exploits… This time the theme is ‘Taking the Next Step’: You’ve been dating for awhile now. The next step is Engagement.
Who asked who? Where? How? Was it on bended knee? Was it romantic? Or could it have used abit more thought?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle, Extras (max 4)
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A Snap of Life #3

Here’s the third of Indigo Blind’s escapades in Barnacle Bay. The latest theme is ‘The First Date’. First Dates are always awkward. But some are perfect. Whats this date like? Who’s it with? Where’d you go? Was it a successful first date, or was it one to add to the list of ‘worst dates of your life’? A HeadShot, A Bodyshot and A Freestyle are required. As usual post other pictures if you want (max 4)

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Hi Mares!

You’re so cute, thank you 🙂

Just some clarification (/a spoiler) though… I changed Indigo Blind’s LTW for the snap of life contest, so it’s not Master Stylist now… you’ll have to wait to see what I changed it to if one of the rounds requires them to fulfil it.

I think you’ll love her first date when I get the shots sorted for that one. What you’ll see is what genuinely happened. Despite all that’s going on IRL, I’m planning to go through all the Snap of Life (and NTM) rounds even if/when I get eliminated because I’m having fun so far, and it doesn’t take much time to play/stage, unlike my main blogs/stories.

Aww man, now I’m really missing the Knights… and the Dayes… and the Populouses… and everyone in Taken.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone will appreciate this, it’s you guys – my Next Top Model shoot from the last round (the theme was Public Service Announcement):




For the uninitiated amongst my readers, the original Public Information Film I based it on is here, but be prepared to be scarred for life:


OK, I know. Enough procrastinating. *Slopes off back to the thesis with a sigh*.

New Knights and Dayes

Due to the supreme annoyingness of post-Generations saves, the new Dayes of Our Lives chapter, This wasn’t supposed to happen is rather short. But it exists, unlike a new Operation: Population chapter, because their game is too screwed up to play. I have a few rescue plans, but they’re all quite long and involved so it might take some time. I am determined to finish their challenge and story though.

The Knights are much easier to play than the others, and they’re zipping through the generations as a result. Meet the eighth gen in 8. And the Sky was all Violet.

I hope to get Taken updated on Sunday, depending on how much time I get this weekend.

A Snap of Life #1

I’m using Indigo Blind Knight as my sim in Boolprop’s A Snap of Life competition.  There will be different photo-story challenges each round, and I thought I’d put them up here as well for all you Rainbow Knights fans who don’t visit Boolprop.

The first challenge is as follows (just copied and pasted from the original because I’m lazy sometimes):

Now you’re a Young Adult it’s time to find your own place.
Do you move into a house or a flat?
Are you on your own or sharing with friends?
Where will your Sim end up?
Three Pictures again this round; a Headshot, A Fullbody and A Freestyle.
You may post further pictures if you wish (max 4)

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Look at the shiny

I am in no way trying to distract myself from real life responsibilities at all, no siree bob.

But in unrelated news, I set up a Facebook page.

Oh and there’s a new Taken chapter up: 32. Sisters.

Rainbow Knights’ indigo gen should be with you this week, which might explain who the little lady to your left is, other than my entrant in the ‘Slice of Life’ context over at Boolprop.

Updates and uploads

Taken’s been updated: 29. Anniversary. Rainbow Knights has also been updated: 5. Behind the Green Door.

As well as the updates, I’ve put up loads more sims for download (but have forgotten Udagawa Populous and OrangeWeds Knight – next time I’m in the game I’ll sort that out). I *think* there should be versions available with default and non-default skins where relevant. Even if you use non-default skins in your game, you might want to download the default versions and fix a non-default skin on yourself in CAS as I know sims with non-default skins can cause game crashing sometimes. All my skins come from GoS, Lady Frontbum, Club Crimsyn and Miss Skitty. If anything goes wrong, let me know.

There probably won’t be any new updates to any of the blogs for two or three weeks now, as I have deadlines coming up.

New Knights!

I haven’t played the Dayes or Populouses in weeks so not sure when they’ll update – it might not be until we break up for Easter in mid-April 😦

Apologies, but life is very busy at the moment.

But I hope it’s good news that there’s a new Rainbow Knights chapter, 4. It was all Yellow.  Oh, and I’ve just installed Sims Medieval…

Orange Knights

After lots of glitching (the Dayes are also being pains for that), I finally got Orange gen of Rainbow Knights through to adulthood.  Meet them in Orange Crush.  Those who follow the real me on Twitter or FB will know that real life’s been tricky this week (I’m fine, some of those around me are not) and might continue to be so for a little while, coupled with work, study, and several birthdays for the next few weekends.  I’ll still be updating and playing but I won’t make promises about when.  I’d love to update Taken midweek (as next weekend’s my birthday so there’ll be no simming/writing then) but don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t happen.

Dayes and Knights

The latest Dayes update, Fireman Sham, sees a rather unhappy Rad, as you might gather from the title.

I’d also like to introduce you to a small side-project of mine, Rainbow Knights.  This is a ten-generation, ten-chapter super-speedy-rainbow-uglacy.  By super-speedy I mean speedy to read and played on short mode.  Yup, my sims are only living for 25 days.  It’s a bit of fun for when I just want a change from the Dayes and Populouses, and expect updates very infrequently.  Still, chapter 1: Paint it Black is ready now if you want to say hello to Generation one.

I’m aiming to update Taken mid-week, but don’t expect Operation: Population to update for at least another week as I haven’t had time to play with them since the last chapter.