Sims 4 research updates and other things

The-Sims-4-release-dateI just got back from London where I presented some of the very preliminary findings from the Sims 4 pre-release work several of you took part in.  You can access the slides here. The post-release survey is still open until the end of October – I would love to hear from everyone, whether you have the game or not, on your responses to it since it’s come out – either through playing it or through seeing what others have done with it.

As for my own sims, I have been away so many weekends lately – and no real let up until November – so I’ve barely played them. I miss those Dayes and Knights though (although the Knights crash out on me every single time at the moment) and am looking forward to playing them.

By the way, I don’t have TS4 myself yet – I will maybe get it eventually but there is so much TS3 I have left to explore that I’m in no rush.


Sims 4 post-release survey now live!

babyglitchI have now closed the Sims 4 pre-release survey with around 800 completions and will be working my way through the data.

Now The Sims 4 is out (in most of the world anyway…) the post-release survey is live. I’d love as many people as possible to complete it – whether or not you have TS4, and whether or not you completed the earlier survey.

There will be two types of questions – a set for those who have played TS4 and a set for those who haven’t. The survey will be live until the end of October. If you are planning on getting it before then, please can you wait until you have played before completing it? But if you have already played or you know you won’t be getting it before the end of October, go right ahead!

As before, it’s entirely anonymous (and this survey is a bit shorter too). Results from the pre-release survey are likely to be available late September and I’ll keep people posted about the results of this one.

Many thanks


Sims 4 surveys – I need your input!


As most of you know, I have an alter ego as a Principal Lecturer in Media at Sheffield Hallam University, and part of my job involves lots of different kinds of research relating to different aspects of the media. Some of you may remember, a couple of years ago, completing surveys and interviews for me for some research I was doing on Sims fans. Some of those findings are in a paper I presented at the Internet Research conference last year (slides here, short paper here), some aspects were mentioned in a paper I co-authored in Participations journal. I have also written an article using these findings which will be published in the journal Transformative Works and Cultures next year and have another 2-3 articles in progress.

Given the release of Sims 4, I wanted to use this opportunity to gather player opinions on the new game, both before and after its release, and so I’m asking anyone who can to fill in two short(ish) anonymous surveys relating to the game. The pre-release survey is now live and I would appreciate you recirculating the link so I can get as many people as possible to complete it (I had around 1.5K responses last time – thanks all!):

The second survey will be posted after the game is released (probably within the first week rather than on the day of release as I’ll need to discover what its features actually are so I can create appropriate questions). I’ll post reminders when it goes live, but the address is: Please note, this survey and its follow-up are entirely anonymous.

If you want any more details, you can email me: or visit my website. Thanks!

I need more help!

You might remember that last year I did a big survey of Sims fans. I’m currently writing a couple of articles based on this and I am wanting to do some follow-up research with simmers who use Tumblr or Instagram for simming activities – if that’s you and you would be willing to answer some questions, please can you email me on or post in the comments below?

Please can people spread the word to your simming friends? Thanks


Help me with some research!

As you probably know, in my other life I’m a university lecturer. One of my research interests is how online communities use different web platforms and I’m conducting a project with Sims fans where I try and map how simmers are using the web. I’m trying to get as many simmers as I can from all over the online Sims world to complete it in order to get as full a picture as possible of the types of web activity Sims fans engage in. I’d love you to fill in the anonymous survey if you have a few free minutes.

There’ll also be a follow-up study – the survey has some more details of what this involves.

The link is here:

More info on the project is here.

If you can recirculate the link via your own blogs/sites/etc I’d really appreciate it.

Many thanks… if I say I’ll put up my new project tonight when WordPress stops cutting out on me as a reward, is that an incentive?

Casting call

Do you have a sim who is a tired of being a poor spare? One who you unceremoniously dumped from your legacy/DITFT/ISBI/etc house without a care when you knew they would not be siring the next generation? Do you regret never giving them a chance of life?

In order to spice up some of my plans, I am looking for you to nominate one of your neglected spares whom you would like to see get a second chance. The winner will be featured in my top secret* super-new project and will get a new life of their own. I might also choose one or two runners-up for other nefarious purposes.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

– Sims who are teen or YA; or pets of any age. They should be ‘spares’ or side characters.
– If they’re a ghost/vamp/mummy/IF, you must be prepared for me to turn them ‘normal’. No Simbots, it’s not that I don’t love them, but they don’t fit with my plans.
– If you have a sim you’re volunteering, leave a comment here or on my Facebook with a link to their download (preferably non-exchange sims), a list of where I can grab any vital CC (i.e. if they simply have to rock the same hairstyle etc), and a link to where they appear in your own story (if they do).

All will be revealed in time…

*Well top secret to all but the few who know what it is.

Wanted: Lots – WCIF?

Hello dear knowledgeable readers, anyone know where I can find lots that are similar in style to the photos below?  They don’t have to be as run down as I can customise them, but this kind of shape/structure would be good, as I can’t build for toffee.

A few little hitches…

So, I’m massively missing my Sims 😦 I wish I knew when the computer would be coming back to me (should be some time next week probably). Sigh. Still, I’ve been catching up on some blogs I’ve been meaning to read for ages, which is nice. I’m also looking for some great new reads, so if there’s a good story I’m not linking to yet, let me know and if I haven’t checked it out already, I will (can be Sims2 or 3, though I don’t really like Sims2 blogs that rely on the reader having a lot of knowledge of the game).

I’ll stick up the next Sim Site of the Week soon, and update my links to include a whole host of new tales I’ve been checking out. Things have been a bit mad for me lately; work has been full-on and my granddad died this week so everything’s been getting a bit neglected outside of those two things.

I also updated the Lazaruses a few days ago, and didn’t update the link here, so go feast yourself on the joys and sorrows in 4.5 Gains and Losses.

My High End Loft Stuff should arrive tomorrow, which is slightly rubbing it in seeing as I can’t play yet. I’ve never bought a stuff pack before so I thought I’d see if they really are as bad as people make out. I hear rumours the new 1.9/2.4 patch is borking CC again and I don’t know if my CC will have survived the computer farrago anyway (I backed up my saves but not sure I backed up the CC) so maybe the stuff pack will be the only new content that works next time I play!