Taken: the finale


So, a story that was meant to take a year to tell is over after three-and-a-half years. Thank you so much to everyone who has read and commented and offered support in various forms. You can now read the final chapter: 70. Ending

I’ve also written five epilogues:
Merry Christmas

And now I’m going to enjoy Christmas and enjoy actually playing the sims again for a change. Looking forward to meeting the Dayes and Knights again!


Triple update madness


Rejoice! After all the glitching and crashing in the world, I’ve finally managed to play through the stripe generation of the Knights (so much for ultra-speedy) in 4. Knight Lines (don’t do it). As if that wasn’t enough, Taken 60. Almost there is also up. Not only that, but the Dayes are back in Things you do when you’re losing the will. Have at them!

New Taken and research gubbins


Well, that has been one heck of a start to my year. (I’m an academic, my year starts in September) Working 9-7 almost every day (with no breaks – quick, get the violins out), then into play rehearsals (play was last week; went well), a week in the US at a conference… Simmies, what simmies? Mind you, we’re meant to be working to rule at the moment (not going beyond our contract), which is going to prove one very interesting challenge for me, but might mean I get some free time back.

Nonetheless, the Knights are making slow progress, one crash at a time, whilst the long-awaited Dayes update should be up this weekend, along with chapter 60 of Taken. In the meantime, chapter 59. Address is up for your pleasure. The aim is still to finish it at Christmas, so I’m going to need to average a couple of posts a week, really. Or, knowing me, none for ages, then four at once, like buses.

Still – what I’ve been doing while I’ve not been playing Sims may be of interest to you as I’m starting to sort out the research side of things. I presented a paper at the Internet Research conference in Denver in October. You can read a shortened version of it here (click on the doc icon to read the document) and grab the slides here. Sadly you don’t get the best bit due to SlideShare’s compressions – all the bullet points were shaped like plumbobs in the original!

I’ll be sharing a different side to my research at another conference later this month, and in 2014 when a few other things are out of the way, I’m going to figure out the best formats for writing everything up. Thanks to everyone who’s been helping with it, you’ve all given me some great material to work with!

Oh, and my final Doctor Who 50th celebration banner sees Fitzy Populous as Eleven, Daisy Kyoti as Amy and Karate Daye as Rory. Only a fortnight to go til all the special programmes and geeking out at the convention – very exciting.

New Taken!


I’ve got another new Taken chapter up! 58. Delving Deeper. I had hoped to update the Knights but although they work a bit better than before they still crash to desktop regularly… grrr….

In banner news, Wesley Kyoti and Piranha Daye who were last month’s 9th Doctor and Rose are replaced by Liandra Kyoti as Martha and Treebeard Knight as the 10th Doc. Only one Doc to go!

Look at the shiny!


So, I got a new computer. And it’s way faster and the graphics are better. The final Dayes update from the old computer, Starlight Distress, is up now. And over the weekend, I snuck out a new Taken chapter, 57. University (very topical given the academic year has just restarted). Annoyingly I can’t find the save I need for the next chapter so that will mean some “fun” restaging before I can update. Blech. The best news though is that the new computer has made the Knights work!! Well, they still crash to desktop, but I’m getting an hour or so’s play at a time from them which is the most I’ve managed in months. They’re even part-way through becoming teenagers! So I might be able to update them soon, which makes me very happy (assuming I can retrieve all the screenshots of them as babies/toddlers from my old computer anyway).


Have a slight spoiler as a present!

In which I hate my game (but update Taken)


Well, by now I should have more updates. But that would be without taking into account my broken game. I’ve tried about eight times to play the Knights but they just crash. The Dayes are sort of working but glitching like mad and the game isn’t responding very well to me giving them actions. I managed to shoot two Taken chapters and my current banner header (Lab Coat Knight as the Sixth Doctor and Julie Populous as Peri) but the game crashed to desktop with both of those too. It’s been a while since I did a full-on check of CC and mods and I probably need to strip out some CC and check everything is A-OK but seeing as there’s a new EP on the way, there is really no point in doing any of that until it arrives. I hate how time-consuming the game is – like many of you I spend far more time fixing the game (and loading and saving) than playing, which isn’t exactly much fun, especially when my playing time is limited. So I expect to buy the EP late June or so and I have time off early July when I’ll be mostly packing – which may mean I will actually find updating my game somewhat refreshing as a change from that. So don’t expect Dayes or Knights until ll that’s sorted, I’m afraid. I suspect I will have to reduce the household size with the Knights at least as they have a LOT of kids and pets this gen.

In the meantime, there’s a new Taken chapter up: 51. Lockdown and I have shots ready for the following chapter, so I hope that can keep you going for now.

New Taken!


I haven’t managed to play the game much but I have managed to take some shots for a new Taken chapter, so have a read of 48. Eighteen. I hope to update the Dayes within the next week. You have a new heir now, after all…

Oh, and for those wondering about the latest banner… Lestat Daye as the Second Doctor, Scott Populous as Jamie (he was wearing a kilt but it didn’t fit in shot) and Fia Magnus as Victoria. Jon Pertwee (the Third Doctor) is next up month and he’s going to be a challenge… and I’m hoping that by June someone’s made all 11 doctors because what on earth I’ll do for Colin Baker’s coat, I don’t know…

New Taken… at last

I’m kind of ashamed about how long this took, but as I don’t get much time to sim, when I do, I’d rather play the game than stage shots. Which is also why the Dayes are a good two-three chapters ahead in play than they are in the blog… so I’ll hopefully update them this weekend too.

Anyway, new Taken Chapter is up: 44. A Day in the Life and I have the shots for the next one so am planning to publish that next weekend. I do want to get ahead of myself with it a bit if I can, but I’m directing another play so until that’s over (end of October) I can’t make promises, especially as the students are back this week and work’s in a crazy phase for a couple of weeks.

Kingsfield is accidentally on hiatus, I guess. I just haven’t had much time/motivation to play the hood lately as the Dayes have been getting all supernatural. It’ll definitely be back, but expecting an update before November would be too much, I think. As for the Knights, their next gen are toddlers in game, so we’re getting there – the Dayes are just being more fun right now.

I know I haven’t been reading or commenting much either… for the same reasons I’ve not been updating much. By November I hope to be back on a more even keel for a little while – at least until the next play gets started…

More updates!

A new Taken chapter is up: 43. Confontation. I’ve finally updated Kingsfield, with two chapters: Impossible Princess and Works of Art and a new Behind the Scenes: The Millers and the artists.

The new cover pic on my blog is in honour of 25 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It probably should have been something Diamond Jubilee themed but, eh. I am still considering a K25 (25 years of Kylie in pop) one though…

And there’s something new on the way. The pictures under the cut might give you some hints…

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New Taken!

Well, the play is over and it went well.  Am totally shattered though!!  Still, I will have a few more evenings free until the next one starts which, coupled with a Bank Holiday next week (whoop!) means I might get some simming in soon and update Kingsfield and Dayes again 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve got the next chapter of Taken ready for you… 42. Plans and Preparations

New Taken and Kingsfield

Sorry everything’s taken longer than expected; work was pretty hectic last week, my gaming computer had to go back to the repairers after they failed to fix it last time they had it, and yeah, life and stuff.

Anyway, new Taken: 39. Encounter and three new Kingsfield posts, a prologue, When You Least Expect, a Behind the Scenes, Meet the Jolina-Mosses and Keatons and a new ‘regular’ chapter, Beginnings.

There will be updated house tours and biogs next week (along with more Dayes, I hope) – am away at the moment and relying on flaky public wifi and my netbook.

Sim site of the month: Ani’s Dwelling

I’ve linked a few TS2 hoods on here before, but there haven’t been many people doing hood blogs in TS3 yet. Ani’s Dwelling has been a real pioneer in this area and I’ve really enjoyed reading Ani’s blog about how the sims in this hood are managed, and how the different things like finances, loans and businesses are micro-managed. It’s been really useful for thinking about how I might run Kingsfield and I’m really impressed with how thorough it all is. You can read the latest updates on the new site, but it’s also worth checking out what happened before on the old site. Lots of food for thought here!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all enjoyed the festive season! You may have noticed some unfamiliar faces in my banner header (although you will actually have seen a couple of them before if you’re really eagle-eyed). All will be revealed this weekend, I hope.

Oh yes, a new project is on its way now that Operation: Population and Rainbow Knights are over (or kind of over in the case of RK… heh heh heh)

But whilst I am very excited about the new project, I haven’t neglected my other projects. Looking forward to some heavy Dayes-playing this weekend and I’ve got a few more chapters of Taken up my sleeve – one of which you can read now:37. Contemplation. Expect another chapter this weekend and one more next week…

Expect another site recommendation imminently too (apologies for the lack of one in December).