Still alive, but a bit broken!


Just a quick explanation for those of you who have been wondering why I haven’t posted anything lately and for any of you who tried to access my work-based site and need to discover it’s down-I’ve not fallen off the planet. However, I have fallen! At the start of June I had surgery on my left shoulder for an injury that been plaguing me for a couple of years.

Less than a fortnight after my surgery and the day before I was due to return to work, I tripped over a crate left on the floor of the supermarket and fell face first, fracturing my elbow in the process-on the opposite arm to my bad shoulder! As you can imagine, having two arms out of action for a while has been incredibly difficult. I’ve been having physio and hospital appointments and both arms have got a decent range of movements now-however, I’m still struggling quite a bit with pain and it will be some time before they’re both at full strength.

In the meantime, I forgot to renew the hosting on my work-based website and it went off-line and I haven’t managed to put it back online again because using computers is not the easiest thing right now. I went back to work today on a phased return, but it will be sometime before back to full capacity-and the same is true of simming. I’m entering into Boolprop’s Next Top Model because it is a pretty easy thing to do, but at the moment any sustained computer use is a bit difficult, and writing my Sims blogs is no exception. I have played further and have more to post: including the final entry of the Knights which has been played through in game, and I can’t wait to show you the last gen (if I can remember their names after all this time!) Although I am managing to write lengthy blog posts and Word documents using voice software, I haven’t quite figured out how to use that to do the picture heavy updates that the sim blogs require so as soon as I can get my arms working properly, I’ll be back updating them, playing and generally being a bit more lively than I have been for the past few weeks.

Hope you’re all well ūüôā


We still exist!!


So real life has been its usual busy self, both with work and another play. But with things settling down and my finally getting on top of umpteen gaming glitches, we’re back. The penultimate gen of the Knights are 9. Spiralling, whilst the Dayes continue their EP explorations in Long time no sea.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Have a never-used shot from the last round of Boolprop’s Next Top Model by way of a card! The Dayes are back with a shocking turn of events and I also snuck out a Knights update, 8. Knock on Wood, a couple of weeks ago. A combination of real life and crashy games has meant I’ve not been around writing or reading as much as I would have liked this year but rest assured the Dayes and Knights are still going. I’m not sure if I will get Sims 4 or not yet, and I still have a lot to do with my research data, but we’ll see how the game is looking by the time I end the prettacy and I might get it then. In the meantime, the Dayes still have loads of TS3 to play with and we may not even get to the end of all that before TS5 is out!

Research update

My Sims 4 post-release survey has now closed Рthanks for everyone who completed either this or the pre-release survey.    I will possibly run another survey after Christmas and/or after the first EP release.  I gave another presentation today, this time I was mainly looking at the marketing and PR Рnot sure how much sense the slides will make in isolation but here they are if you want them!

Now to start analysing all the data and writing the findings… will keep you all posted.

New Dayes


Yes, after a couple of months because I was in another play, the Dayes are back in I’ll have a blue Ice Pop in which they get to Isla Paradiso. Or some of them, anyway.

The Knight kids are teenagers now so expect an update soon-ish.

I’m presenting another Sims 4 paper this week and will put the slides online later. The surveys have closed now, so I have a few months of analysing the data and writing about things – am keeping an interested eye on developments too…

New Knights and Sims survey about to close

If you haven’t filled in the Sims survey I’m using for a research project yet and would like to, here’s your last chance as it’s coming down on Monday so I can start to actually go through the data and use it! ¬†I’ve had over 1000 responses, so thank you all very much. ¬†It’ll take me some time to go through it and find the people I want to interview in more depth (which won’t be all the volunteers) so be patient with me. ¬†And yes, I’ll let people know the results in time.

I’ve been in Noo Yoik so haven’t had time to sim much (fabulous place although it was almost too hot – I’m trying not to complain, Sheffield is WET) but I’ve got a new Knights chapter up: 2. All I Wanna Do Is Rock. ¬†The other three blogs up next. ¬†I did play the Dayes this week but the game crashed >.<

A Snap of Life #2

The new round of Boolprop’s A Snap of Life competition is up, so time to check in with Indigo Blind. This round is all about ‘The Job Hunt’.

Round info (copied and pasted): Now you’re living in your own place, you have to pay the bills. Time to find a job and start receiving those pay cheques. But where will you work? What will you do? Will you find work in an office or will you work from home?
Three Pictures again this round; a Headshot, A Fullbody and A Freestyle.
Feel free to post extra pictures (max 4)

Continue reading

Computer problems

My machine keeps crashing when I play my game – not sure if the machine is faulty or if it’s just fallen out with The Sims 3… ¬†this, coupled with general life busyness may mean it’ll be a while before I can get anything sorted – though I probably have enough shots for a mini-chapter of Operation: Population soon.

Bear with me…

Knights in red satin

Because I played through most of red gen of Rainbow Knights before I got black gen up and running, their chapter’s already here: 2. Red Red Whine. ¬†Don’t expect orange gen to appear as quickly.

The Dayes got Outdoor Living Stuff yesterday (a day early, gawd bless and I’ll have a chapter for you this weekend at some stage. ¬†As for Taken – that depends on when I get the current chapter of my thesis finished. ¬†Fingers crossed by the middle of the week…

(OP… maybe next weekend or early the week after? ¬†Am currently laughing at myself for thinking I’d ever get that one finished by March)

Message to The Mare’s Nest

I distinctly remember my 80s bathtimes involving the following:


Miss Matey

That green robot one

Father Christmas Matey

Snowman/Snowy Matey

…and probably some other ones. ¬†That’s more than four. ¬†And I suspect your frame of reference is from a similar time ¬†period to mine.


Of course, the official Matey website claims just four new fangled ones now:

Sailor Matey

Mer Matey

Lucky (the Parrot) Matey

Doctopus the Octopus Matey

But a quick google reveals:

Pirate/Peg Leg Matey

Molly Matey


According to their website there have also been:

Rudolph Matey

Wizard Matey

Anyway.  More than four.

This is perhaps the saddest blog post I have ever composed.

I’m back!

Well, four and a half days later than planned, I got home. I will put up day 2 and 3 of the Advent Calendar tomorrow and you can pretend I didn’t miss a day (unavoidable, sadly) as well as adding to the outtakes on day 1. Hope to get some time with my sims this weekend so I can prepare new updates. It’s good to be home xx

New Dayes and Taken – and a request.

Sorry for the lack of an Operation: Population update. ¬†Hopefully it’ll be tomorrow or Thursday, but their game file is the most buggy and crashed on saving last night (and with the three girls all doing the same LTW they’re a little boring right now).

In the meantime, Taken 17. Nights at the Bar is up, along with a new ‘extra’. ¬†The latest Dayes of Our Lives, Butler the Devil You Know sees Butlers, Bridgeport and a baby!

Also, I have a request. ¬†I’d like some simselves to offer themselves up for potential WYDC baby mommas/daddies. ¬†I can’t promise to use more than one or two of them, but I’d like to have some options. ¬†If you want to volunteer your simself for the purpose, let me know. ¬†I’ll probably also populate the Dayes’ hood with a few simselves at some stage, too.

Sim site of the week: Anubis under the sun

My favourite go-to place for hair is Anubis Under the Sun. ¬†Anubis takes hairs from some of the best creators, including Nouk, Peggy, Anto, NewSea and TumTum and retextures them so that they look great. ¬†Anubis has good taste and most of the hairs s/he chooses to retexture are ones you would actually want in your game (except when s/he gets a request for something weird). ¬†About 75% of the custom hair my sims wear can be downloaded from her site as well, which is handy for those seeking the barnets of my simmies when you’ve downloaded them.

S/he also does some outfits and accessories from time to time, which are equally great – though sometimes s/he sticks stuff up over at MTS rather than the blog, so keep an eye on Anubis’s¬†page there, too.

Sim site(s) of the week special: Quadruple Legacy Congratulations!

It’s been mad few weeks for legacy followers, as four great legacies reached their conclusions. Hrootbeer was first off the blocks, completing the Kendrick Leagcy. The Kendricks are part of what I like to think of as v1.0 legacies, those that started way back when on the EA boards, and it’s nice to see another blogger from that time get to the end, and in style.

Mariah’s been blogging up Chim-Chim-Cheree for some time now as well, and today posted up the final chapters. Goodbye Chimerees, and thanks for the genetic donations to my Who’s Your Daddy? Challenge!

Desmera recently went as fast as lightning through her Spectrum legacy (AKA the most colourful family in Twinbrook), but her quality never let up all the way through.

And finally, Polly decided to bring the Sander Legacy to an end at generation 6, which is sad, but it was a great journey and she made sure to finish it rather than leave us all dangling.

Well done ladies, and I can’t wait to catch up with all your new endeavours!

Sim site of the week: After Ten Years

Do Taken and the Edith Prescott Mystery Series keep you on tenterhooks? ¬†Then let me introduce you to After Ten Years. ¬†Amelia’s story of little Andy and the mysteries she finds herself in is addictive. ¬†It’s a very engaging mystery, with some fab characters and some gorgeous, gorgeous staging. ¬†I love this story so much and I’m pretty sure you will too. ¬†Andy is a wonderful, and different, heroine, and one you will fall for straight away.

Sim site of the week: The Stephansdom ISBI

The ISBI (I’m surrounded by idiots) is a challenge that’s as insane as it sounds. ¬†Well, because that’s the trait everyone has to have. (It’s OK you can stop groaning now). ¬†The idea is each generation has one ‘torch holder’ you can control, and everyone else is on free will.

The Stephansdom ISBI is a great, regularly updated, take on this challenge. ¬†it’s hilarious and has some real characters in it, and if you’re quick, you can catch up to the current update and vote on then Gen 3 heir poll, where two very different girls are vying to win (or should that be lose??).

Sim site of the week: The Chagall Legacy

It’s always tricky to get a legacy to be unique – everyone starts with the same basic template: live on the grass, produce some sprogs, go for ten generations, and it often takes a couple of generations before it feels unique. However, The Chagall Legacy blows that idea out of the water and right from the first post, it becomes a different beast entirely, with a strong storyline as the founder spends a lot of time exploring and getting into various scrapes overseas, while befriending a neighbour with issues of her own. I know I’m not selling it well so far, but there are mysteries here, and a great set of characters – and it doesn’t even feel like it’s a legacy yet so I’m intrigued to see how that will develop. This is also the best use of World Adventures I’ve seen in any sim blog to date and wait until you see writer Tesseracta’s way of handling the whole lawn living issue. I love this story so much!

Bebe’s growing family

Thought you might like a look at the Populous family tree as it stands around the time of the most recent two chapters, 26. Becoming a Grandparent and 27. Loving a daughter, which is now up.  Expect chapter 28 very soon, as I have played a fair way ahead.

The latest Dayes of Our Lives, Bigger and Better, has been up a few days, too.  I hope to update Dayes again before I go on holiday on Monday.  Taken will probably be up in the next couple of days, assuming I can take the shots I want to, which are proving a bit of a pain to set up right now!