Sim downloads

Here are links to Mediafire downloads of some of my sims.  If there’s a particular piece of CC you need for a sim, just ask, although I may not remember where it came from.

Note on skins: I think I’ve managed to save default-skin versions of the sims with non-default skins, so you can want to download these and reskin them yourselves in CAS in case the non-default versions crash your game, but if anything goes wrong, please let me know.  Ask if there’s a specific skin you need but I got all of them from Garden of Shadows, Lady Frontbum, Club Crimsyn and Miss Skitty as far as I can remember.

All are YAs unless specified, and all need to be put into your SavedSims folder.  They should then appear in your sim bin.  At the moment there are only the “human” version of most of the ghosts because they were uploaded before ghosts could be made in CAS.

I appear to have lost my old Kyoti save files (*sob*) in all my various computer crashes and replacements, but I still have Gens 7-10 saved, just no house or earlier members.

In a few cases, the LTW is different because their in-game LTW didn’t show in CAS.

If any of them don’t work, please let me know.

Dayes of our Lives

Amaryllis Daye

Sindy Daye

Frederick Parsons

Thomas Daye

Kimberley Daye

Evel Knievel Daye

Piranha Daye

Harry Houdini Daye

Meghan Quigley

Eddie Kidd Daye (non-ghost)

Hilda Daye

Koi Daye

Fuji Daye

Elvis Daye

Harold Daye

Kodak Daye (non-ghost)

Polaroid Daye

Adrian Mole Quigley (non-ghost)

Gandalf Daye

Discus Daye

Betty Daye

Javelin Daye

Mozzy Daye

Karate Daye Hair: Store

Giggles Daye (non-ghost) Hair: Tum Tum’s Shymoo Conversion

Racheal Daye

Blaze Daye (non-ghost)

Inferno Daye

Beijing Daye

Mr Muscle Daye Hair: Club Crimsyn

Suki Daye

Brillo Pad Daye

Cillit Bang Daye

J Cloth Daye

Einstein Daye Hair: Anubis’s retexure of Anto 75. You also need Tum Tum’s version installed if you want it for kids/toddlers

Pollo Daye (teen mummy)

Pollo Daye (YA)

GaGa Daye Hair: Club Crimsyn retexture of Rose

Pepperoni Daye (non-ghost) Hair: Club Crimsyn edit of Anto 75.  You also need Tum Tum’s version installed.

Mona Arce Hair: Anubis’ Peggy conversion

Glenn Daye (elderly simbot)

Brady Daye (elderly simbot)

Leia Daye (elderly simbot)

Quentin Daye (elderly simbot)

Alley Daye

Scumbag Daye

Bramble Daye (adult, non-ghost)

Puddle Daye (non-ghost)

Blackberry Daye

Ruth Badger Daye (dog)

Ida Dunnit

Ophelia Daye

Leon Jackson Daye

Bunnicula Daye

Wiggles Daye

Count Duckula Daye

Abigail Daye

Drusilla Daye

Bathory Daye

Lestat Daye

Rosanna Daye

Metal Mickey Daye

Dracula Daye

Quorn Daye

Fox Daye

SuperCasino Daye

PgsFromCeefax Daye

Falafel Daye

24HourSpar Daye

Linda McCartney Daye

JD’s Nitescene Daye

Raggedy Man Daye

Ice Pop Daye

Cid Serverus

Manisha Kapoor

Calippo Daye (plumbot)

Fab Daye (plumbot)

Tinder Daye

Twitter Daye

SnapChat Daye

Boolprop Daye

Operation: Population

Bebe Populous Everyday hair: Store, Formal hair: store, Everyday top: Store, Everyday skirt: Liana, Formal dress: Store

Asa Populous Hair: Store

Cameron Populous

Eddie Populous (non-ghost)

Fitzy Populous

Gail Populous

Henry Populous

Ian Populous

Julie Populous

Katya Populous

Lucy Populous

Maria Populous Hair: Anubis’ Nouk conversion

Nick Populous (non-ghost)

Olenski Populous

Pepper Populous (non-ghost) Hair: Anubis’ Peggy conversion

Quinn Populous

Scott Populous

Todd Populous

Udagawa Populous

Vikram Populous

Wendy Populous

Willow Populous

Xenia Populous

Yabbie Creek Populous

Yeats Populous

Zoe Populous

Zolga Populous

Adam Populous

Mandie Populous

Aja Populous

Elisabeth Populous

Bree Populous (teen)

Pawel Populous

Malika Williams (Fitzy’s partner)

Tristan Williams Hair: Store

Isidro Ingram

Lorenzo Hamm (Populous)

Kendra Hamm (teen)

Jenny Blugren (Edna and Ruth’s mum)

Kesha Blugren (Jenny’s wife)

Ruth Blugren

Edna Blugren

Cassia Redd (Sterling’s mum) Hair: Tum Tum’s Shymoo conversion

Nilsson Redd (Cassia’s husband)

Shawanda Charming

Sheila Charming (Shawanda’s mum)

Adam Andreason (Lucy’s dad)

Sherman Rosas (Maria’s dad)

Paige Williams

Harry Williams

Caleb Williams

Siddhartha Williams (teen)

Gavin Hart-Costello (teen)

Christopher Ordonez (Todd’s dad)

GoS Monthly Challenges (for full CC list, see the relevant posts on my main blog)

Zephyr Skylight (barbigerous) (elder)

Sly Bodach (bodach) (adult)

Vincent D’Amore (tango)

Impy Greene (vert) (child)

Macy Teal (teal)

Maurice Moss (moss)

Merlot Devine (vinaceous) Hair: Anubis’ retexture of Tum Tum

Redd Crimson (crimson)

Sam Landers (demonocracy) (teen)

Simon Jones (demure)

Dazzle Dust (discomania)

Adrianna Lynne (adrenaline)

Simon Peter (disciple)

Jake Small (disciple)

Tony Bell (disciple)

Ivory Towers (ivory)

Croca Sobek (Sobek)

Fleur Baxter (flower)

Paddy Saint (St Patrick)

George Saint (England)

Fia Moss (Flamingo)

Catrina Feline (Cat)

Jenny Deeds (Denim, Brunette)

Bessy Garlick (Garlic) (non-default skin) (default skin)

Sally Cinnamon (spice) (non-default skin) (default skin)

Lemonie Snicket (lemon) (non-default skin) (default skin)

CeCe Spicer (mysterious, spice) (non-default skin) (default skin)

Jeanie Marshall (paint)

JT3XZIQ QXY112 (space) (non-default skin) (default skin)

Good Genes

The Goyles were the Good Genes family from the exercise I did a while ago – I can’t remember which is which but they’ll all add some genetic spice to your game!

Gar Goyle

Racheal Goyle

Rhett Goyle

Germaine Goyle

Dina Goyle

Christa Goyle

Antone Goyle

Alexander Goyle

The Lazarus Dispatches

Alf Lazarus

Shana Lazarus

Byzantium Lazarus

Chaotica Lazarus

Castrovalva Lazarus

Oscar Lazarus

Davros Lazarus

Gloria Lazarus

Echo Lazarus

Ezri Lazarus

Firefly Lazarus

Eugene Lazarus

Gaius Lazarus

Hirogen Lazarus

Ilari Lazarus

Jango Lazarus

Kes Lazarus

Krillitane Lazarus

Anne-Marie Lazarus

Anthony Lazarus

Ria Lazarus

Ramon Lazarus

Luke Lazarus (teen)

Micah Lazarus (teen)

Noah Lazarus (child)

Omega Lazarus (child)

Sheila Lazarus (teen)

The Kyoti Legacy

Karis Kyoti

Daisy Kyoti

Freya Kyoti

Dino Kyoti

Michael Kyoti

Wesley Kyoti

Harry Kyoti

Emma Mabel Kyoti

Rae Kyoti

Joanna Kyoti

Nicola Kyoti

Gemma Kyoti

Jono Kyoti

Seth Kyoti

Alfie Win Kyoti

Donnie Kyoti

Rainbow Knights/Knights in Bright Pattern

Dark Knight

Tizer Knight

Lancashire Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Cricket Ball Knight

Claire Pincher (non-default skin) (default skin)

Red Nose Day Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Mars Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Irn-Bru Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Tango Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Kia-Ora Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

OrangeWeds Knight (non-default skin)

Marcy Knight

Wizbit Knight

Funshine Knight

Marmite Lid Knight

Birds Custard Knight

Kellee Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Limeade Knight

Grotbags Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Absinthe Knight

Slimer Knight (non-default skin) (default skin)

Green X Code Knight

Jody Prudence-Givens

Facebook Knight

Raspberry Knight

Blue Riband Knight

Blu Tack Knight

Da Ba Dee Knight

Kari Wills-Adcock

Biro Ink Knight

M&S Jeans Knight

Starfish Knight

Belinda Knight

Indigo Girl Knight

Indigo Blind Knight

Ginger Knight-Hearn (adult)

Majesty Knight

Parma Violets Knight

Archbishop Knight

Ribena Knight

Victoria Plum Knight

Professor Plum Knight

Purple Prose Knight

Beauregarde Knight

Violet Femme Knight

Purple Haze Knight

Louis Blugren-Wozny (adult)

Pink Windmill Knight

HMV Knight

Rock Knight

Prawn Cocktail Knight

Jem Knight

Cartland Knight

Sheena Kyoti-Givens

Pink Panther3 Knight

Pink Glove Knight

Pink Pound Knight

Pink Lemonade Knight

Pink Elephant Knight

LilythePink Knight

Handbot Knight

Tipp-ex Knight

Wii Knight

Lab Coat Knight

Yorkshire Knight

Milkybar Knight

Isla Wight Knight

Barry White Knight

White Diamond Knight

Meg White Knight

Jimmy White Knight

Tonia Knight

Golem Knight (heir)

Ice Cream Slab Knight (heir)

Rockery Knight

Weeping Angel Knight

Uluru Knight

Stone Dalek Knight

Mandy Populous-Daye

Rolling Stone Knight (cat)

Daisy Chainsaw Knight (cat)

Grass Show Knight (cat)

Flowered Up Knight (cat)

Screaming Tree Knight (cat)

Moss Man Knight

Hyacinth Knight

Green Giant Knight

Little Weed Knight

Wisteria Lane Knight

Treebeard Knight

Laura Trott Knight-Parrish

Pacer Mint Knight

Grimsby Town Knight

Hornet Knight

Bagpuss Knight

Burglar Knight

Aquafresh 3 Knight

School Tie Knight

Deckchair Knight

Candy Cane Knight

Barber’s Pole Knight

Stryper Knight (cat)

White Stripes Knight (cat)

Rainbow Knight (cat)

Stars on 45 Knight (cat)

Dubstar Knight (cat)

Mazzy Star Knight (cat)

Oblong Knight (cat)

Ice Cube Knight (cat)

Check 1-2 Knight (cat)

Black Box Knight (cat)

Living in a Box Knight (cat)

Voyager Knight

Zoom Knight

Mars Bar Knight

Button Moon Knight

Astrid Knight

Looper Knight (cat)

Dot Allison Knight (cat)

PerfectCircle Knight (cat)

TheInkSpots Knight (cat)

Karen O Knight-Medina (cat)

Roderick Lozano

Phil Oakey Knight (Cat)

The Doors Knight-Medina (cat)

Courtney Pine Knight-Medina (cat)

Roy Wood Knight-Medina (cat)

The Carpenters Knight-Medina (cat)

Ronnie Wood Knight (cat)

Woody Guthrie Knight (cat)

Spinderella Knight (cat)

Spin Doctor Knight (cat)

Twisted Sister Knight (cat)

Inspiral Carpe Knight (cat)

Def Leppard Knight (cat)

Jungle Lion Knight (cat)

Whitesnake Templeton-Knight (cat)

Chess Knight

Battenburg Knight

Tartan Knight

Shirley Templeton Knight

Black Sabbath Knight (cat)

China Black Knight (cat)

Black Lace Knight (cat)

Domino Knight

Ladybird Knight

Mr Blobby Knight

Bubble Wrap Knight

Hula Hoops Knight

Smarties Knight

Twister Knight

Steve Texas

Red Box Knight (cat)

Red Dragon Knight (cat)

Simply Red Knight (cat)

3 Colours Red Knight (cat)

Rose Royce Knight (cat)

Pinocchio Knight

Coffin Knight

Bread Bin Knight

Drumstick Knight

Billy Bookcase Knight

Jennika Wong

Jason Orange Knight (cat)

Code Orange Kids Knight (cat)

Tangerine Dream Knight (cat)

Orange Juice Knight (cat)

Agent Orange Knight (cat)

Yello Knight (cat)

Lemonheads Knight (cat)

Lemon Jelly Knight (cat)

Goldfrapp Knight (cat)

Goldie Knight (cat)

Slinky Knight

Spira Knight

Helter Skelter Knight

Chris Beaker-Clark

Green Day Knight (cat)

Al Green Knight (cat)

Professor Green Knight (cat)

Caro Emerald Knight (cat)

Green Jelly Knight (cat)

Mint Royale Knight (cat)

The Green Knight (cat)

Green Gartside Knight (cat)

Fiona Apple Knight (cat)


Rad Simself Top store, Jeans Liana, Hair store

Rad’s Simself (non-CC version) .sim sims3pack (tops from Generations, everything else base game)

Calista Brookes

Jupiter Jones


44 thoughts on “Sim downloads

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  3. None of the ones I downloaded worked!!!! I downloaded a BUNCH. Maybe I’m not doing it right? I downloaded the sims and put them in my downloads file. What am I doing wrong? Why don’t they show up in the game?

    • They should go in your savedsims folder, not your downloads. When you’ve put them in there (you probably need to put them in the folder before loading the game), go into CAS to create a new family, click on the little ‘heads’ icon in the bottom left and they should be in there – if they don’t show up then, let me know.

  4. Isn’t it funny how hair can totally make or break a sim? A sim will look completely different with new hair. Their personality is almost defined by their hair. The hair is pretty much 50% of a sim. Maybe more.

      • Every sim I downloaded doesn’t have his or her hair. I downloaded a whole bunch yesterday and put them in my downloads folder but they didn’t work in the game. I can’t figure it out!!! The only one who worked is Merlot DeVine. The ones I still need hair for are: Maria Populous, Tristan Williams, Cassia Red, Einstein Daye, and GaGa Daye.

  5. As I said, they need to be in your SavedSims to work, not your downloads. Their hair will only show if you have it installed.

    Links to the hair for those sims now added. If anyone needs any CC for the other sims, just ask. Like I say, eventually I’ll get a proper list up, but it’ll take time.

    • No way! You mean, you put hair files in the sims folder? No wonder they weren’t working in the game!!! So what about other downloads like tatoos and stuff… where do those go? Clothes go in the downloads folder I know because those always work. But hair and tatoos… GAH! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now its all straightened out!

    • Well, I put the hairs in the saved sims folder and that doesn’t work either. They didn’t show up on the ea download manager which now for some strange reason got uninstalled on my computer and I don’t know how to put it back on. *sigh*

      • Sorry, just the sims go in the savedsims folder. The hair goes in my documents/electronic arts/mods/packages and you need a resource.cfg file.

        I assumed you knew how to install CC because I thought the Honeycutts had custom hair. Mod the Sims is worth looking at for help with it.

  6. Well Rad, I did everything exactly how the link said but now my game won’t start at all. Do you think I have too much content that the game can’t start? I’m going to take the content out of the folder and see if that will help the game start. Someday I’m going to get a mad awesome laptop that has tons of memory and the game will work awesome on it.

  7. Yes, the base game patches you have mean you have to do it the new way as well. You MUST use the new way, not the old way, even if some of the CC shows using the old system, or you will end up with problems.

  8. SQUEE! Why has it taken me so long to find this page. (I’m a unofficial lurker =P)
    Pepperoni and Brillo Pad’s generation are in my legacy town. Pepperoni and Mona just got pregnant. ^^ I’m excited to see if they’ll have ghostie vampires. I’ve also downloaded Bebe Popolus and turned off her aging so she can produce as many babies as possible. =P Gar Goyle’s family is also there and one of her grandchildren likes to go to school without pants. XD
    From the exchange I have the last generation of Kyoti’s and a generation of Lazarus (I forget which one though).
    Your Simself is also hanging around. =P

    ❤ all your Sims.

      • Links to everyday and formal clothes added, sleepwear and swimwear are base game, everyday/formal hair added, think her swim hair is just base, or a longer variation on a base hair that I have no idea where it comes from. I don’t think she’s ever been in athletic gear so I have no idea what clothes/hair I set for athletic.

    • It’s a Peggy that I got off some random sim on the exchange. I thought Anubis had done a version of it, but can’t find it on his site…

  9. Hey Rad, love your stories. Been reading them obsessively for a bit now lol.

    Just wanted to ask where you got Alley, Bramble and Beijing’s respective hairs from? Thanks!

  10. Alright, thanks so much. Here’s hoping you update soon. I’m amazed you can manage all these needy sims running around on high free will.

    I’m this player with really bad time management skills and they can hardly do anything have time to do anything but go to work and sleep all day and I play on like speed 3 so much so they have no time to try the many other fun things the game has to offer. How do you do it, Rad. How do you do it. Haha. Thanks once again! :))

    • I do it badly these days! I work far too hard and have far too many hobbies… Seasons just arrived so I’m hoping I can grab time to install it soon

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