Dayes and Knights

My main two simming families are the Dayes, who are my ‘try everything’ legacy family, and the Knights, who are currently going through an ultra-speedy pattern prettacy, following a completed super-speedy rainbow uglacy. I update sporadically, mainly due to time and game crashes.

Dayes of Our Lives
Latest Update:  Back and forth (03/05/15)

This is a legacy with a twist – the Daye family are going to try everything the game has to offer, from ghosts to gems, from opportunities to LTWs.  Dayes of Our Lives will be running throughout the duration of the EPs if I can make it that far!


Rainbow Knights (complete)

Rainbow Knights – 10 Generations, 10 colours, 10 chapters – all on fast speed, as the Knights hit Twinbrook to get the most genetically ‘interesting’ outcome they can.

Knights in Bright Pattern

The Knights are back, and this time they’re going for a prettacy… on a 13 day lifespan!

Latest Update: 9. Spiralling (27/04/15)



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