A Boolprop Halloween!

It was the night before Halloween and the Boolprop mods were toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories to get themselves in the mood for the next night’s trick or treating.

Poor Abby burned her marshmallow.  It tasted disgusting.  It was as if the marshmallows were playing their own trick or treat game a night early.

All eyes were on Sophie as she told her ghost story.  She told them about the old abandoned mansion on the edge of time, and how there were rumours it was haunted.  Legend had it that a little boy haunted the place, and that once, many years ago, a local woman had once gone snooping round the place.  She was never seen again, but that night, there was a suspicious fire at the house that suddenly burned itself out…

A shiver went up the others’ spines.  Dare they sneak in… and spend the night there?

The next day, the mods took it in turns to marvel at the Next Top Models while the others got ready for their evening out.

As Sophie opened her drawers, she could swear she felt a chill in the air.  But she shook it off.  She must just be feeling a little spooked with it being Halloween and everything.

As usual, the other mods were waiting for Mel to get ready.

Eventually she joined them, but no-one was eager to be the first to leave their lair.

The old mansion house had been abandoned for as long as anyone in town could remember.

By the time the mods arrived, darkness was starting to fall.  Sophie was eager to get in and get on with their dare.

The huge iron gates swung open before they even touched them, and they all shuddered.  Abby was the first to regain her composure and cross through them.

Mel was glad that her face paint covered up the true expression on her face, because she was terrified.  There was a lot of fog surrounding the place and that didn’t seem natural on an otherwise clear evening.

As they entered the grand hall, Chelsea was breath taken.  A huge staircase loomed above, with several sinister looking statues beside it.

They all looked up at the vast staircase, knowing the bedrooms would be up there, and both afraid and excited about finding them.

Sophie gingerly made her way across the balcony to a door, the floor creaking beneath her.  The air was dank and musty and her heart was pounding.

She entered what looked like it had once been a children’s bedroom.  Two beds sat next to each other, with a bookcase and a doll’s house in the corners.  She could swear there was the faintest smell of germoline in the air.

Chelsea joined Sophie in the bedroom, and, reassured by the presence of her friend, Sophie fell asleep.

Abby and Mel settled down together in the master bedroom, neither wanting to get under the dusty covers.

Mel found she could only half-sleep, and her eyes kept flickering open in case anyone wandered into their room unannounced.

In the corner bedroom, Teresa kept closing her eyes and willing sleep to come, but it was no use.  She was too tense.

Willing herself not to be silly and scared, she got out of bed to get a glass of water and prove to herself that everything was fine.

The kitchen was a strange place, filled with ugly ornaments, old cooking equipment and a skeleton by the wall that sent shivers up Teresa’s spine.  It smelled of rotting meat.

Then Teresa noticed something strange. A dishwasher. What was a dishwasher doing in a house that had been untouched for decades?

As she went past it, she heard a whirr and a clunk, and it started to hiss. Afraid she’d broken it, Teresa got down to examine things further.

What she didn’t notice was a shadowy figure behind her…

Electricity shot through Teresa’s body.

She fell to the floor and curled up in pain.

Teresa’s body seared with light…

…and she was gone.

Abby, Chelsea and Mel had heard a noise and come running. They were shocked to see a figure in black robes lurching over their friend’s lifeless body. They didn’t notice a little blue boy running away.

Sophie hadn’t heard the commotion yet. She woke up with her stomach rumbling and had stumbled across a dining table, laid out with what looked like fresh food.

She tentatively sniffed. It smelled amazing. Surely it would be OK to eat it?

She made her way to the grand dining table with her platter.

The taste was exquisite. She’d had pumpkin pie before, but this was the juciest, most delicious pie she’d ever eaten.

She didn’t see the shadowy figure creep up behind her.

Suddenly the pie stuck in her throat. She couldn’t breathe.

Slowly, she sank to the floor.

Nobody saw the hooded figure standing over Sophie.

Nobody noticed as Sophie left this world.

Mel need to do something to help Teresa. She thought there might be a spell or something in one of the books in the old library, so she headed there. However, something was strange. The library smelled fresh and airy, not dusty and woody as she’d expected.

She felt a light breeze coming from the wall in front of her. That was strange.

As she touched the wall, she felt it give way beneath her…

…and she found herself in a secret room, with nothing in it but a staircase…

Mel’s instinct told her to get away from there, but her curiosity prompted her to press on… cats never could resist letting curiosity get the better of them…

She came down into a dimly lit corridor. She tried not to let her eyes wander to the sarcophagus on her right. She focused on going straight ahead. Just to see, she told herself. It’s just to see.

There was a pool in the room at the end of the corridor. Mel tugged at the collar of her catsuit. It was really hot in here.

No, it wasn’t just really hot, it was unbearably hot.

Mel jumped in. It felt so good. The water was refreshingly cool, and she swam, letting herself relax, even if just momentarily.

She didn’t realise she was not alone.

Mel was shocked to find herself being pulled under…

Nobody was there to save her.

The hooded figure returned to claim another.

Mel’s soul was a cool blue…

…as was the ghostly image that flickered and vanished as she left this world.

Upstairs, Abby was getting a little chilly, and so decided to light the fire.

It wasn’t glowing hot enough for her liking…

…and so she stoked the flames until they rose higher.

Behind her, a presence silently willed the flames to do their bidding.

The flames started to spark, and Abby lept back in fright.

The hooded figure took another prize.

Abby had burned so brightly, but for so short a time.

The house was so quiet. Chelsea looked in the mirror to see if she was really there, or if she was dreaming.

A tear started to roll down her cheek as the realisation she was alone began to hit her.

She didn’t even sense the little boy sneaking up behind her.

But then he screamed.

Chelsea was literally scared to death.

As she gazed into the mirror, she realised she could no longer see herself.

The hooded figure appeared, ready for his final victory.

Chelsea begged him to spare her, begged him to let her tell the tale.

But, to her horror, she realised there was no mercy.

The hooded figure and the little boy congratulated each other on another successful mission and parted ways until the next time.


There is a house out on the edge of town

It’s a large property but has been unoccupied for many years.

It’s become overgrown with weeds and moss.

And sometimes the fog seems to gravitate to its grounds.

Were anyone to take this property on, they would discover a huge hall and balcony…

A spacious bathroom…

A large kitchen with plenty of storage…

Three luxurious bedrooms…

A grand dining room…

A well-stocked library…

A lounge, with a period fireplace…

…and an underground swimming pool.

Legend has it the house is haunted by the ghost of a little boy who takes the souls of anyone who trespasses.

I would say it was a myth, but there were these five women who lived in the town, and haven’t been seen since last Halloween.

I heard that they visited the house that night, but when the police searched the property…

…all they could see were five identical tin boxes.

Nobody knows what really happened at that house, but sometimes, if you walk past the house at night when there’s a full moon, and you can hear the coos of the owls in the distance, making music to each other, then if you look closely enough…

…you can see the ghosts dancing.


Happy Halloween!!


18 thoughts on “A Boolprop Halloween!

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    • Thank you! You could have multiple Seths, like ghost Seths and mummy Seths too and child Seths and old people Seths too…

      *Tries to tempt Stacy*

    • Thanks! That shot was a pain to organise. I wanted them all waving instead but the chaos painting was being a bit slow and they were being a bit uncooperative.

  2. Wow, great job!! As with all of your writing, superbly crafted and very creative! Loved it! If I had time, I’d do this challenge myself – sounds like fun!!

  3. Goshhhhh that gave me chills. Eeeek.

    Those creepy ghosts standing behind us all was a really nice touch.

    Although I feel a bit rejected, no one saw me die and all. 😥

    Haha, this was a great entry! 🙂

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