Bonfire Night

watching your stars and your moonlight

The fifth of November.  The moon and stars glowed bright against the crisp, cool night sky.

trying to catch some truth in my life

The leaves rustled on the trees, a palette of red, amber and gold.

shine your light on me

The fire blazed, crackling with anticipation of what was to come.

What's she like?

Everyone gathered together.  It was a night to be united, not a night to be alone.  A night to share, to celebrate, to join.

I need time, a lot of time

It was a night to be warm, a night to glow.

I like watching all your fireworks

A night to fizz and sparkle.

When she took off that cold afternoon

The fireworks shooting to the moon like rockets made me believe anything was possible.

heading for the nothern skies

They would shoot so high and blaze so bright.

Crash!  Boom!  Bang!

They burst in an explosion so dazzling, so bright, so loud, so joyful… it set my heart pounding.

Wish you would write my heart a letter

As I warmed myself by the blazing fire

I wanna find you in everything that I do

My eyes began to flicker in the light…

everywhere I look I see her smile

I saw her there, alone.

her absent-minded eyes

She burned so brightly.

and she has kept me wondering for so long

My heart fizzed and crackled.

days like these no-one should be alon

The warmth and magic of the night was rising inside.

no heart should hide away

I hoped I would glow for her the way she did for me.

just as nighttime falls

That the spark, fizz and bang of the fireworks would be ours.

this true love falls apart

But as I approached her, I was nervous.  I couldn’t speak, didn’t know what to say.

into a riddle

But the glow of the light, the warmth of the fire and the magic of the fireworks beckoned me to speak.

of her heart

She stood, and smiled.

place your love in my world

The air between us crackled.

it's for you

The warmth radiated.

the stars are in her eyes

And she shone even more brightly.

when she whispers in your ear that she's in love

I asked her if she felt the magic too.

her touch

And the light and the warmth drew us together.

is gently conquering my mind

As I touched her, the whole world burned bright.

there's nothing words can say

I looked into her face, glowing with light and warmth.

"I like it when I light those stars in your eyes"

We crackled, and fizzed, and sparkled, and glowed.

"just like the fireworks in the sky"

And there were fireworks.


13 thoughts on “Bonfire Night

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  2. What gorgeous pictures! Really beautiful and magical I’d even say. Definitely got the feel of one of those cold winter nights, snugged up tight in warm clothing even as my cheeks are numb with cold. The toastiness of the fire, the beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky, and a very adorable couple causing some fireworks of their own.

  3. Wow! Electrifying! Such a neat take on the challenge! I like the pacing of everything. It’s more toward poetry than prose, isn’t it? It really generates the crackling, sizzling sounds of bonfires and fireworks in the crisp autumn air. I like it. Did I mention that I like it?

    • Aww, thanks. It’s hard to write long prose for such a short story I think. But I was going for that warm fuzzy fire on a cold night kind of feel, I like the way the effects turned out although I couldn’t quite get the crowd scenes I wanted. I was very proud of all my winter-clothed simmies 🙂

  4. Lovely! I love the tone of the story generated by the writing, and the atmosphere you build with the pictures. I can almost feel the crisp air!

  5. Awesome Rad! I loved the stage, the ambiance you created and the romance… You make November look like a fun month as opposed to a dreary time before Christmas. Magnifique! 🙂

    • Funny seeing him as ‘the fellow’. They have sim names but I don’t know what they are, they’re just ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ in my head. I wanted them to be teens but there’s not enough good CC for teens!

      Thanks for all the links though 🙂

  6. I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don’t have suck a writing skills

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