Gold Against the Soul


Nobody knows where he comes from, but they say that if you see him, it’s a sign you should be careful what you wish for.


There was once an old carpenter, a poor man, in need of some luck.  He said to himself ‘I would give anything to have just a little gold to see me through this winter’.


It was then that the strange little man appeared.  He promised the old man gold, in return for one thing.


The strange little man wanted the hand of the old man’s first daughter in marriage. Thinking he would never have a child, the old man agreed.


Over the warmth of fire, with the lure of wealth, terrible bargains can be made.


What price gold?


What price a soul?


Many years later, a wealthy nobleman came calling.  The old man said he had a daughter who could spin straw into gold.   The nobleman was intrigued and decided he must take her for his wife.


Over the warmth of fire, with the lure of wealth, terrible bargains can be made.


What price gold?


What price a soul?


In time the two were married.


But the strange little man returned, and was not happy to see that what was rightfully his had been given away to another.


The merchant was happy, sure his fortune was set.


But his new wife sat by the fire, surrounded by straw, not knowing how to make that straw become gold.


In desperation she cried out that she would give anything to know how to make gold from this straw.


The strange little man appeared.  In exchange for her wedding ring, he would give her some gold.


Over the warmth of fire, with the lure of wealth, terrible bargains can be made.


What price gold?


What price a soul?


In time the couple were expecting their first child.  They were so happy.


From time to time, the wife would find gold that had been left for her.  Her wedding ring had been a small price to pay.


But the strange little man returned to claim what was rightfully his.  He didn’t have the old man’s daughter, so now he would take the granddaughter.


Over the warmth of fire, with the lure of wealth, terrible bargains can be made.


What price gold?


What price a soul?


The young woman was desperate, he could take anything he wanted, but not her daughter.  The strange little man challenged her.  If she could tell him his name, she and her family would be free.


But all she knew was he was a strange little man.  She guessed name after name.


The strange little man danced around, confident he had won.

And then she remembered.  A song she’d heard him sing, one night by the fire, boasting of his greatness.


She knew his name.


Over the warmth of fire, with the lure of wealth, terrible bargains can be made.


She never saw the strange little man again.  Her soul was free.

And there never was any more gold.


24 thoughts on “Gold Against the Soul

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  2. Your Rumplestilkin is scary as hell. You had some good sets, too. I am especially fond of the haybale stack. Great job, Rad. (But, psssst. Since I consider you a friend, I hope I can bust in and give some unasked for advice. Try to hide the plumbbobs. :-D) Overall, though, I think you did a great job. I might have nightmares now. Did I mention your Rumplestilskin was scary as hell? Yes, I did. And he is!

    • I know! I was tutting at myself about the plumbobs. I did try to hide all the overhead animations and then there were some sneaky ones that got through that I didn’t notice until when I went to use the screenshots… I didn’t have the time/inclination to go in and set the shots up again. I need to get me one of those mods that hides them from somewhere but then I don’t want them removed for normal simming…. if you know one that can turn them on and off let me know.

      He was even scarier to play. Neurotic, evil, mean. Brrrr.

      My sims spent several sim days running around Riverview before I could find any metals or gems AT ALL just so I could get the gold. I felt your collecting pain.

  3. What a great representation of this story! I love it! And yes, your Rumplestiltskin (do you know how long it took me to spell that??) is so very creepy.

    You can actually hide plumbobs without any mods–pull up the cheat code window and type in “hideheadlineeffects on” and it will hide the plumbobs and thought bubbles. When you want them back on, type in the same thing but say “off” instead of “on”.

  4. LOL. I also use Rachel’s method for hiding thought bubbles. But with plumbbobs, I usually just temporarily select another sim when I’m taking my pictures. I always have more than one sim on the set when I’m setting up photos, anyway. I need the “dummy” sim to help the “main” sim with interactions sometimes – if they need another sim to talk to or wave at or whatever so I can get the animations I want.

    Do you use the Chaos painting? ‘Cause if you don’t know about that, you’re going to love it and I wanna show you!

  5. Oh, and please don’t kick yourself, but you can get buyable mines that spawn gold and gems at Simslice/The Booty. Girl, dontcha know I am the Download Queen? Ask me first next time and I’ll hook ya up. 😀

    • I did google for cheats and couldn’t find any. Gah. Riverview. In SV you can trip over gold everywhere you go. It was fine, there was a pregnancy that had to happen so that gave us plenty of time to go gold hunting. I had your collecting post open to try and find good places. It took days to find anything though.

      *Goes to investigate chaos painting*

  6. Oh, I should have said: I’ll hook you up if it’s a hack. Clothes and hair, pshaw, I never remember where I get those. But I know where my hacks come from!

  7. Congratulations, Rad! This is magnificent and beautifully done. I like those repeat phrases as well (I’m sure there is a word for it, but can’t think of it now). You Mr R. is so real. Did you look him up in a fairytale book?

    If you want to know cheats, just do ctrl+shift+C and type “help”.
    The easiest place for metals in SV is the way to the beach where the Wolf family lives (I keep on finding plutonium and palladium there) and also near the old mine (I guess that figures! lol)

    • I looked up the story (and embellished it a bit) but I just made the freakiest looking CAS creature I could! I didn’t base it off a particular image.

      I never knew that about help. Look at all my helpful readers today. Yay for all of you!

      Yeah, it was Riverview I was struggling with for the spawning. SV is full of stuff. I use Riverview for all my mini stories and challenges at the moment becauseI want to have some time to play with that neighbourhood with the Kyotis and Dayes being in SV, and I don’t want to set a long story/legacy there until it’s officially out of the apocalypse.

    • How did I know you’d like the fire?

      Some of them were accidental – the fireplace caught alight – but that wasn’t a problem!

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  9. I thought I commented here the other day, but now I don’t see it. Weirdness or just memory loss? 🙂

    Awesome mood you’ve created here. Really unsettling. Poor little baby getting bargained over!

    I bet the TS3 developers who made facial hair unavailable for little boys never thought that someone might want to create a dwarf or an imp for a story, huh? Still, Rumple’s face has just the right touch of mystic nastiness.

  10. I think your pics were pretty well done. (I didn’t know about that cheat Stacy and Rachel mentioned up above, so hey, I learned something tonight!)

    Your little guy was creepy. Nice use of TS3 children. XD

    I also like the use of the steam punk stuff. It definitely set an otherworldly/ old time air in the visuals.

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