In which prettacies get hard


So a prettacy is proving harder than an uglacy. Who knew? Anyway, gen 7 of the Knights are here: 7. Circle of Life. One of the spares is also my entrant in Boolprop’s Next Top Model at the moment.

The Dayes are a crashy mess at the mo, it might take some time to sort it 😦


A Snap of Life #6

Here’s the latest Snap of Life update. If you want to see the rest of the indigo gen Knights again, the outtakes are on my Facebook page. I think you should be able to see them even if you don’t have a Facebook account but let me know if not.

Round Six – The Big Day.

Today’s the day. The exchanging of rings.
White meringue dress? Or simple and elegant?
Traditional Wedding? or something completely unique?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra shots (max 4)

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A Snap of Life 5

Here’s my latest Snap of Life entry…

Round Five- Last Night of Freedom.

Your wedding day’s just around the corner.
This is the last night you get to do all the things a married person can’t.
Good clean fun? Or law pushing activities?
Keep ’em PG. Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra happening. (max 4)

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A Snap of Life #4

Time for the latest in Indigo Blind’s exploits… This time the theme is ‘Taking the Next Step’: You’ve been dating for awhile now. The next step is Engagement.
Who asked who? Where? How? Was it on bended knee? Was it romantic? Or could it have used abit more thought?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle, Extras (max 4)
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A Snap of Life #3

Here’s the third of Indigo Blind’s escapades in Barnacle Bay. The latest theme is ‘The First Date’. First Dates are always awkward. But some are perfect. Whats this date like? Who’s it with? Where’d you go? Was it a successful first date, or was it one to add to the list of ‘worst dates of your life’? A HeadShot, A Bodyshot and A Freestyle are required. As usual post other pictures if you want (max 4)

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Hi Mares!

You’re so cute, thank you 🙂

Just some clarification (/a spoiler) though… I changed Indigo Blind’s LTW for the snap of life contest, so it’s not Master Stylist now… you’ll have to wait to see what I changed it to if one of the rounds requires them to fulfil it.

I think you’ll love her first date when I get the shots sorted for that one. What you’ll see is what genuinely happened. Despite all that’s going on IRL, I’m planning to go through all the Snap of Life (and NTM) rounds even if/when I get eliminated because I’m having fun so far, and it doesn’t take much time to play/stage, unlike my main blogs/stories.

Aww man, now I’m really missing the Knights… and the Dayes… and the Populouses… and everyone in Taken.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone will appreciate this, it’s you guys – my Next Top Model shoot from the last round (the theme was Public Service Announcement):




For the uninitiated amongst my readers, the original Public Information Film I based it on is here, but be prepared to be scarred for life:


OK, I know. Enough procrastinating. *Slopes off back to the thesis with a sigh*.

A Snap of Life #2

The new round of Boolprop’s A Snap of Life competition is up, so time to check in with Indigo Blind. This round is all about ‘The Job Hunt’.

Round info (copied and pasted): Now you’re living in your own place, you have to pay the bills. Time to find a job and start receiving those pay cheques. But where will you work? What will you do? Will you find work in an office or will you work from home?
Three Pictures again this round; a Headshot, A Fullbody and A Freestyle.
Feel free to post extra pictures (max 4)

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A Snap of Life #1

I’m using Indigo Blind Knight as my sim in Boolprop’s A Snap of Life competition.  There will be different photo-story challenges each round, and I thought I’d put them up here as well for all you Rainbow Knights fans who don’t visit Boolprop.

The first challenge is as follows (just copied and pasted from the original because I’m lazy sometimes):

Now you’re a Young Adult it’s time to find your own place.
Do you move into a house or a flat?
Are you on your own or sharing with friends?
Where will your Sim end up?
Three Pictures again this round; a Headshot, A Fullbody and A Freestyle.
You may post further pictures if you wish (max 4)

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New Taken and Golden Plumbobs

A short new Taken chapter is up: 24. Late One Night.  Not 100% sure when I’ll update anything else, this is a hectic week. I’ll do my best to update Operation: Population either this weekend or early next week.  Rainbow Knights will probably be late next week.  Dayes and Taken are unlikely to be updated again until next weekend or thereabouts.  Work’s pretty full-on right now and will be for the next few weeks, so everything’s going to be on an as-and-when basis.

In other news, Boolprop’s Golden Plumbob awards are open for voting now, and I’m very grateful to whoever nominated me, but I’m also delighted to see loads of my favourite simmers also nominated, including Chisagi, dbloveshermac, raquelaroden, hrootbeer, desmera and Ringoosu, MedleyMisty, Nichola, Styx, Mmmtoast and loads of other fab people.  It’s hard to choose but well done to everyone who was nominated.

Boolprop’s Next Top Model is coming to an end…

…and it’s been so much fun taking part!

I’ve just put up my final entry and now it’s time for us to wait for the judging. The competition is fierce and I have my own idea who I think will win (not me!) but sometimes the judging has thrown up surprise results. The NTM forum is here if you want to see all the entries – everyone has done so well and it’s been so exciting to see all the different interpretations.

I have loved playing about with all the prompts and experimenting with hair, staging and lighting. I love how the same sim can look totally different with just a few changes. I know not everyone’s on Boolprop, so here are the shots I chose, along with some outtakes. Calista’s now available to download as well.
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Boolprop Mod Lair!

So, over at Boolprop, there’s a challenge going on to build a summer holiday home for the mod team, and though building isn’t my forte (yeah, the lair is essentially a couple of glorified boxes – all my builds are glorified boxes) I thought it’d be interesting to meet the challenges and try and make something nice.  They have a nice lot to start with…
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Sim site of the week: BoolpropFightTheAddictionFalse

Normally I like to promote the ‘little guys’ here – sim stories, simmie blogs, small simmie forums (and probably some sim CC sites at some point) but even though many of you are already members of Boolprop, I want to big it up. You see, the more I read on people’s blogs about the trials and tribulations out there in the big wide simmie world on some other forums and communities, the more I’m glad for those, like Boolprop and Valley Sun Sims where people are, on the whole, just nice and friendly and into talking about the game or their stories. Maybe there are areas in Boolprop where it gets a little more fraught or bitchy but if so I haven’t noticed that. On the whole it’s a really nice simming community to belong to, with people of a range of ages, TS2 and TS3 players alike who are supportive of one another and particularly of legacies and challenges (VSS is the best place to hang for more ‘serious’ stories IMO but Boolprop does a neat little sideline in that too). So if you’re looking for a nice sim community to join and lots of interesting stories, legacies and challenges to read and you’re not already a Boolpropian/Taffer/insert pet name of your choice, then come over and give the place a try. This week I’m really glad to belong there.