In which prettacies get hard


So a prettacy is proving harder than an uglacy. Who knew? Anyway, gen 7 of the Knights are here: 7. Circle of Life. One of the spares is also my entrant in Boolprop’s Next Top Model at the moment.

The Dayes are a crashy mess at the mo, it might take some time to sort it 😦


Long time and all that

I know it’s been a while. My job has been incredibly full-on of late – and continues to be so – and in addition to that, not only was I directing a play, but I had to stand in for one of the actors at the last minute. I’ve also been at a conference one weekend and trying to find time to see friends and family and keep up with the creative writing course I’m doing. I’m very tired, as you can probably tell! My computer’s also being a bit iffy with the game as often is the case… and I will get Seasons eventually but I don’t have it yet.

Anyway, I’m missing all your blogs and my own sims, although I have been keeping my hand in with Boolprop’s Next Top Model, and I’ve managed to get a new Dayes of Our Lives chapter up: Supernatural High. The Knights will be next, then Taken. Kingsfield will be back in time for Christmas I think.

Hi Mares!

You’re so cute, thank you 🙂

Just some clarification (/a spoiler) though… I changed Indigo Blind’s LTW for the snap of life contest, so it’s not Master Stylist now… you’ll have to wait to see what I changed it to if one of the rounds requires them to fulfil it.

I think you’ll love her first date when I get the shots sorted for that one. What you’ll see is what genuinely happened. Despite all that’s going on IRL, I’m planning to go through all the Snap of Life (and NTM) rounds even if/when I get eliminated because I’m having fun so far, and it doesn’t take much time to play/stage, unlike my main blogs/stories.

Aww man, now I’m really missing the Knights… and the Dayes… and the Populouses… and everyone in Taken.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone will appreciate this, it’s you guys – my Next Top Model shoot from the last round (the theme was Public Service Announcement):




For the uninitiated amongst my readers, the original Public Information Film I based it on is here, but be prepared to be scarred for life:


OK, I know. Enough procrastinating. *Slopes off back to the thesis with a sigh*.

New Dayes and busy days

So the Dayes, Knights and I are having fun with Generations and there’s a new Dayes of Our Lives update: My Generation(s). Taken’s been a bit on the back burner because in the free time I do have to play, I’ve been playing with the EP and been doing a new Boolprop’s Next Top Model. (Jupiter Jones. I’ll upload him after the competition, but he’s the fella whose picture’s in this update).

The Populouses are pretty unplayable right now. They’ve crashed within minutes the last four times I’ve played them. Maybe their complicated family set-up is too much for the game (though it hasn’t affected the incestuous Knight clan). I don’t know what I’ll do there but I’ll be working on fixing it.

Other than that, my PhD deadline approaches faster than I’d like so don’t expect much simming/blogging/reading through June and July as I finish my first and second drafts. It might increase in August when I’ll mostly be editing to prepare for final submission – we’ll see.

Boolprop’s Next Top Model is coming to an end…

…and it’s been so much fun taking part!

I’ve just put up my final entry and now it’s time for us to wait for the judging. The competition is fierce and I have my own idea who I think will win (not me!) but sometimes the judging has thrown up surprise results. The NTM forum is here if you want to see all the entries – everyone has done so well and it’s been so exciting to see all the different interpretations.

I have loved playing about with all the prompts and experimenting with hair, staging and lighting. I love how the same sim can look totally different with just a few changes. I know not everyone’s on Boolprop, so here are the shots I chose, along with some outtakes. Calista’s now available to download as well.
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