A Snap of Life 5

Here’s my latest Snap of Life entry…

Round Five- Last Night of Freedom.

Your wedding day’s just around the corner.
This is the last night you get to do all the things a married person can’t.
Good clean fun? Or law pushing activities?
Keep ’em PG. Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle.
Extra happening. (max 4)

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Hi Mares!

You’re so cute, thank you 🙂

Just some clarification (/a spoiler) though… I changed Indigo Blind’s LTW for the snap of life contest, so it’s not Master Stylist now… you’ll have to wait to see what I changed it to if one of the rounds requires them to fulfil it.

I think you’ll love her first date when I get the shots sorted for that one. What you’ll see is what genuinely happened. Despite all that’s going on IRL, I’m planning to go through all the Snap of Life (and NTM) rounds even if/when I get eliminated because I’m having fun so far, and it doesn’t take much time to play/stage, unlike my main blogs/stories.

Aww man, now I’m really missing the Knights… and the Dayes… and the Populouses… and everyone in Taken.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone will appreciate this, it’s you guys – my Next Top Model shoot from the last round (the theme was Public Service Announcement):




For the uninitiated amongst my readers, the original Public Information Film I based it on is here, but be prepared to be scarred for life:


OK, I know. Enough procrastinating. *Slopes off back to the thesis with a sigh*.

A Snap of Life #1

I’m using Indigo Blind Knight as my sim in Boolprop’s A Snap of Life competition.  There will be different photo-story challenges each round, and I thought I’d put them up here as well for all you Rainbow Knights fans who don’t visit Boolprop.

The first challenge is as follows (just copied and pasted from the original because I’m lazy sometimes):

Now you’re a Young Adult it’s time to find your own place.
Do you move into a house or a flat?
Are you on your own or sharing with friends?
Where will your Sim end up?
Three Pictures again this round; a Headshot, A Fullbody and A Freestyle.
You may post further pictures if you wish (max 4)

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