More Dayes

screenshot-2311The Dayes are back again in Dayes of Plenty – whereby our supernatural mania goes a bit crazy.

The Knights are children at the moment so watch this space for them.


New Dayes

The Dayes are back in a post that seems quite short but represents a LONG time of playing: Six degrees of sim frustration. Eh. The Knights’ next gen have been born and I’m hoping to update both again by the end of the month.

More Dayes… and more of the Knights


The Knights are lucky I love them because the amount of crashing and freezing they put me through… anyway, a new chapter has finally been squeezed out: 5. Starry Starry Knights.

The Dayes are being just as annoying, but in different ways, in their new chapter In which I want to kill Dracula all over again.

Triple update madness


Rejoice! After all the glitching and crashing in the world, I’ve finally managed to play through the stripe generation of the Knights (so much for ultra-speedy) in 4. Knight Lines (don’t do it). As if that wasn’t enough, Taken 60. Almost there is also up. Not only that, but the Dayes are back in Things you do when you’re losing the will. Have at them!

Look at the shiny!


So, I got a new computer. And it’s way faster and the graphics are better. The final Dayes update from the old computer, Starlight Distress, is up now. And over the weekend, I snuck out a new Taken chapter, 57. University (very topical given the academic year has just restarted). Annoyingly I can’t find the save I need for the next chapter so that will mean some “fun” restaging before I can update. Blech. The best news though is that the new computer has made the Knights work!! Well, they still crash to desktop, but I’m getting an hour or so’s play at a time from them which is the most I’ve managed in months. They’re even part-way through becoming teenagers! So I might be able to update them soon, which makes me very happy (assuming I can retrieve all the screenshots of them as babies/toddlers from my old computer anyway).


Have a slight spoiler as a present!

Dreaming of a Knight Christmas?


I had hoped to update Kingsfield and Taken by now, but the best laid plans and all that.

Still, I have a Knights update for you at long last: 3. Just the things that you do in this garden, AND a Dayes one: Park Life.


May your Dayes be merry and bright


And may all your Christmases be Knight!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Long time and all that

I know it’s been a while. My job has been incredibly full-on of late – and continues to be so – and in addition to that, not only was I directing a play, but I had to stand in for one of the actors at the last minute. I’ve also been at a conference one weekend and trying to find time to see friends and family and keep up with the creative writing course I’m doing. I’m very tired, as you can probably tell! My computer’s also being a bit iffy with the game as often is the case… and I will get Seasons eventually but I don’t have it yet.

Anyway, I’m missing all your blogs and my own sims, although I have been keeping my hand in with Boolprop’s Next Top Model, and I’ve managed to get a new Dayes of Our Lives chapter up: Supernatural High. The Knights will be next, then Taken. Kingsfield will be back in time for Christmas I think.

New Dayes

Sorry this took a while – I’ve had the shots for ages (and have the shots for most of the next chapter too) but the effort of doing a full blog post has been a bit daunting especially as I’ve had lots of other things on. Anyway – a chapter in which I go somewhat mental: A kind of madness. In a sort of opposite turn of events, I have written the next five (FIVE) chapters of Taken but don’t have any images for them yet. Sorry. I’ll get round to it soon. I’m in a bad mood with Kingsfield because my game crashed moments before a save prompt after a bunch of building ><. The Knights are also having a lot of issues, although I've managed to at least birth their next generation. So everything is on the way… at some point.

I'm just starting the second phase of my sims research, by the way, so some of you will be hearing from me about that fairly soon.

New Dayes

It’s been a lot longer than I anticipated, but they’re back in Starlight Express and I’ve been playing them a lot so expect a new chapter sooner rather than later.

Not sure when the other blogs will update as I haven’t touched any of their saves for a while.  But I hope to get onto Taken and Kingsfield again soon – I’m just having too much fun with the Dayes right now…

Sim site of the month: The Imaginary Legacy

I was always going to make this the sim site of the month anyway, because it’s just too darn cute, but now Desmera has gone and stuck my simself in her hood… and she’s only got herself pregnant.  I don’t recall my simself ever getting pregnant in anyone else’s hood… I am guessing swapping out loner in her traits might have done it…

Anyway, watching what kind of spawn my simself produces is not the main reason you should check out The Imaginary Legacy.  The main reason is that it has the cutest concept behind it, and the sweetest founders you will ever come across.  Their descendants are proving pretty lovely too.  Desmera’s got another great legacy on her hands…

Updates and uploads

Taken’s been updated: 29. Anniversary. Rainbow Knights has also been updated: 5. Behind the Green Door.

As well as the updates, I’ve put up loads more sims for download (but have forgotten Udagawa Populous and OrangeWeds Knight – next time I’m in the game I’ll sort that out). I *think* there should be versions available with default and non-default skins where relevant. Even if you use non-default skins in your game, you might want to download the default versions and fix a non-default skin on yourself in CAS as I know sims with non-default skins can cause game crashing sometimes. All my skins come from GoS, Lady Frontbum, Club Crimsyn and Miss Skitty. If anything goes wrong, let me know.

There probably won’t be any new updates to any of the blogs for two or three weeks now, as I have deadlines coming up.

New Dayes at long last!

Sorry it’s been so long.  I expect to have a Rainbow Knights update sooner than anticipated, if that’s any consolation?  I’m aiming for Taken Thursday or Friday as well.  OP might be a little way off yet.  I have two thesis chapters due at the start of May so even the million bank holidays we get are going to be taken up with work 😦

Anyway, not that much is changing in the Dayes’ world.  We truly are In it for the long haul.

New Knights!

I haven’t played the Dayes or Populouses in weeks so not sure when they’ll update – it might not be until we break up for Easter in mid-April 😦

Apologies, but life is very busy at the moment.

But I hope it’s good news that there’s a new Rainbow Knights chapter, 4. It was all Yellow.  Oh, and I’ve just installed Sims Medieval…

Sim site of the week: Ani-Mei’s Musings

Over on Boolprop, they did a ‘Sim-mates’ thing for Valentine’s – kind of a blind date without the dating or Cilla Black.  Anyway, my sim-mate is Anime Angel and I’ve been spending the last few days reading her blog.  I’m not all the way through it yet but I am loving what she’s done.  Her OWBC and legacy draw wonderfully on mythology, giving them a neat twist – what role do the gods have to play in her characters’ lives?

She’s also got some bachelor challenges on there, which are always fun to read.  I can’t wait to catch up with everything.  Catch her stuff over at Ani-Mei’s Musings.

Sim Site of the Week: ALBUS (A Legacy Built Upon Speed)

I like it when other simmers do the same kind of crazy things I do.  So if someone does an apoc or a WYDC I am all over that sucker like a rash.  I was therefore very pleased to see another simming loony attempt a legacy on the short lifespan.  A Legacy Built Upon Speed, or ALBUS is Littlemissstrix’s speed legacy, and she’s already way ahead of me with her Gen 5 heir already married off, all within just eight short chapters.

I’m pleased to see that the Velocity family (all of whom are named according to speediness) are about as good at LTH and LTWs as the Knights, i.e. completely hopeless.  Go and see for yourselves just how crazy, but fun, this speed legacy lark can be.


I’m afraid this slowing-down is likely to continue throughout most of 2011 as I try to finish my thesis. When teaching ends in May it may pick up a little, but no promises. Rest assured, all the blogs will still be updated regularly, just not as regularly as they were. Still, you have two new updates to enjoy this week: the Dayes get very weird in Altogether Ooky, whilst the Populouses are seeing more grandchildren and birthdays in 55. Meeting a Father.


Sorry for the delays, I was ill with flu last week and at a conference this week. Sim site of the week will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, the Dayes are continuing to underachieve (except one of them anyway) in The Vampire (sim, ghost and simbot) Diaries, there are more births and deaths in Operation Population 53. Having a Spectral Encounter, and in Taken 23. Plotting, several people are trying to manipulate events…