Kingsfield is back! (and more Taken)


It’s entirely embarrasing how long it’s been, but I updated Kingsfield with a new story post, Quarter-Life Crisis and a new behind the scenes piece, Meet the twenty-somethings. And while I was at it, I uploaded another Taken chapter too: 47. Searching.


More updates!

A new Taken chapter is up: 43. Confontation. I’ve finally updated Kingsfield, with two chapters: Impossible Princess and Works of Art and a new Behind the Scenes: The Millers and the artists.

The new cover pic on my blog is in honour of 25 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It probably should have been something Diamond Jubilee themed but, eh. I am still considering a K25 (25 years of Kylie in pop) one though…

And there’s something new on the way. The pictures under the cut might give you some hints…

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New Taken and Kingsfield

Sorry everything’s taken longer than expected; work was pretty hectic last week, my gaming computer had to go back to the repairers after they failed to fix it last time they had it, and yeah, life and stuff.

Anyway, new Taken: 39. Encounter and three new Kingsfield posts, a prologue, When You Least Expect, a Behind the Scenes, Meet the Jolina-Mosses and Keatons and a new ‘regular’ chapter, Beginnings.

There will be updated house tours and biogs next week (along with more Dayes, I hope) – am away at the moment and relying on flaky public wifi and my netbook.

Sim site of the month: Ani’s Dwelling

I’ve linked a few TS2 hoods on here before, but there haven’t been many people doing hood blogs in TS3 yet. Ani’s Dwelling has been a real pioneer in this area and I’ve really enjoyed reading Ani’s blog about how the sims in this hood are managed, and how the different things like finances, loans and businesses are micro-managed. It’s been really useful for thinking about how I might run Kingsfield and I’m really impressed with how thorough it all is. You can read the latest updates on the new site, but it’s also worth checking out what happened before on the old site. Lots of food for thought here!

Welcome to Kingsfield!

At long last, Kingsfield is here! I’ve been waiting to get this off the ground since Sims 3 was launched, pretty much, and have actively been waiting to launch it for over a year. But now OP and RK and my PhD are over, I finally might have time!

Kingsfield is my neighbourhood blog – I’ve just settled a whole load of sims in there and the blog is going to tell the stories (and the behind the scenes action) of their lives. Right now there’s not much up over there but there will be soon – there’ll be a mix of behind the scenes updates and story updates. I’m really looking forward to getting to know these sims, tell their stories and play a whole hood.