A note on links…


Just a note about my links – I’m going to be editing my link list over the next few days. I want to narrow things down to three main categories by the end of the tidying-up:

Active stories/sites – these are the stories/sites I want to keep up with. If content hasn’t been updated for several months, I’ll remove links but if you update again, let me know and I’ll relink. I’m going to be adding a few new links here as and when I get time to read things – you are welcome to let me have your link so I can see what you’re up to but I may not add it straight away.

Completed stories – These are stories I followed all the way through and really loved and think you might like too. I’m not going to check if these sites are still live but if you follow a link that’s dead, let me know.

Resources I’ve used – an incomplete record of sites I’ve grabbed CC and mods from, mainly for my own reference. Again, not really keeping these up to date, so may be some dead links, and let me know if so.

I will not be adding Tumblr blogs here as a general rule of thumb, but I have my own infrequently updated Tumblr, http://radsims.tumblr.com and will happily follow Simblrs from there.


Sim site of the month: The Imaginary Legacy

I was always going to make this the sim site of the month anyway, because it’s just too darn cute, but now Desmera has gone and stuck my simself in her hood… and she’s only got herself pregnant.  I don’t recall my simself ever getting pregnant in anyone else’s hood… I am guessing swapping out loner in her traits might have done it…

Anyway, watching what kind of spawn my simself produces is not the main reason you should check out The Imaginary Legacy.  The main reason is that it has the cutest concept behind it, and the sweetest founders you will ever come across.  Their descendants are proving pretty lovely too.  Desmera’s got another great legacy on her hands…

Sim site of the month: Crossing Bridges

So, this is an intriguing new blog.

A whole heap of wonderful sim writers, many of whom I’ve featured here before, are working together to produce a collaborative story. Now, I’ve seen collaborative legacies and DITFTs, but this is a new one on me – a plotty, character-led story, written by a whole bunch of authors. It could sound like the maddest thing ever, but if any team can pull off a collaborative effort and make it coherent, it’s Styx, Toast, Kris, Lily, Orangeplumbob, Hrootbeer, Emy and Deeds.

Crossing Bridges, so far, is the story of Clara, Elijah and Lane, all of whom are fleeing difficult situations and heading for the bright lights of Bridgeport – although hopefully it’s a more interesting Bridgeport than the one plaguing my game right now 😉

Sim site of the month: Wilde Oats

Skehrer has a wicked sense of humour, as you’ll know if you read her Food Legacy. Now she’s started a Family Man challenge, Wilde Oates.  The aim is simple – father as many babies as possible.  If you think Pinkfiend’s male sims got their ends away plenty, you’ve seen nothing (Pink, it’s up to you if you see this as a challenge…).

I laughed lots, whilst fearing for Skehrer’s sanity…

Sim site of the week: Colorblind (and Qui’s other stories!)

Qui is a wonderfully talented sims writer, and a very prolific one at that.  She’s completed several stories and always has something else on the go, and every single one of them is worth a read – although, be warned, they do contain adult themes.

My favourite so far is the recently completed Colorblind, a twist on the Romeo and Juliet type of story, with characters you will really love (and hate), but Alani’s Quest, Caught Up and Still Caught Up are all excellent as well, and very much worth your time 🙂

Sim site of the week: Ani-Mei’s Musings

Over on Boolprop, they did a ‘Sim-mates’ thing for Valentine’s – kind of a blind date without the dating or Cilla Black.  Anyway, my sim-mate is Anime Angel and I’ve been spending the last few days reading her blog.  I’m not all the way through it yet but I am loving what she’s done.  Her OWBC and legacy draw wonderfully on mythology, giving them a neat twist – what role do the gods have to play in her characters’ lives?

She’s also got some bachelor challenges on there, which are always fun to read.  I can’t wait to catch up with everything.  Catch her stuff over at Ani-Mei’s Musings.

Sim site of the week: The Twinbrook Fields

These excellent DITFT stories keep coming, and Hrootbeer’s The Twinbrook Fields has been a favourite for a while now.  The Fields have an interesting mix of characters to rival Hrootbeer’s delightful Kendrick family, and she’s really getting under their skin to find out what makes them tick.

The latest Field, Mickey the musician, is perhaps one of the most interesting yet, and this story is well worth a few hours’ of your time.

Sim site of the week: Repulsively Desirous Creations

Who doesn’t love their sims to have stunning homes?  And no-one does it better than the Living Sims gang, most of whom have their own beautiful blogs to showcase their talents.  One of my favourite creators and photographers is RD, whose Repulsively Desirous Creations blog contains more clutter than you can shake a stick at (of course, you can’t shake a stick very much because all the clutter is in the way… I have no idea where I’m going with this) and a whole host of other gorgeous items.

As well as all the lovely clutter, my favourites are the wall murals and the rugs, but pretty much everything here is divine.

Sim site of the week: Over the Frickin’ Rainbow

Currently one of the front-runners for the Sims 3 legacy Golden Plumbob award, and justly deserved, is Nichola’s Over the Frickin’ Rainbow.  As Chisagi and desmera know (and as Rainbow Knights proves), I am a sucker for a good old rainbow legacy.  Yeah, I’m won over by pretty colours and stupid names, sue me 😉

In its third generation now, Nichola’s legacy is hilarious, silly and an absolute joy to read, and has one of my favourite founders of recent times.

Sim site of the week: Ashelia at War/Dusk

Dinuriel is one of the most prolific sim writers out there and has an amazing talent for creating worlds.  I’ve just read all her posts so far in her planned ‘Ashelia’ trilogy and can’t wait to read her other stories.

The ‘Ashelia’ series has one complete volume, ‘Ashelia at War‘ and is part-way through its second, ‘Ashelia at Dusk‘.  The trilogy is set in a continent called Ashelia, where there are warring factions.  We see characters from these differing factions in this saga, which is a tale of romance, war, intrigue and sex.  It’s not for the young or faint-hearted but for the rest of us, it’s a captivating adventure and very different from most other sims stories I read.

Sim site of the week: Around the Sims 3

Around the Sims 3 is a quirky little gem of a site.  This bilingual (English/French) place seems much more unassuming than some, and isn’t as rammed full of custom content, but what it does have tends to be really interesting.

The latest update includes a fab looking recording studio – finally TS3 sims can compete with Cooper and co!  They have a mixture of sims, patterns, furniture, lots, clothing, make-up, accessories and items available – not too much of any of these but there are some nice little gems in each category.  The only slight downside is often sets only come as sets for donors, and you have to download items separately for free, but it’s only a small downside.

There’s also a nifty little guide to mods for TS3 which is very useful.

They also have a Sims 1 site and a Sims 2 one, though I guess if you have those games you have them already.

Sim site of the week: A Devi0us Legacy

I am finally beginning to catch up on all those blogs I’ve been meaning to read for ages, and one of those is A DeviOus Legacy.  I read a lot of legacies so I like it when they have a unique twist, and this one certainly does.

A whole heap of interesting handicaps, such as ‘The Henchman’ keep this story alive, and it’s also incredibly funny.  Well worth a gander.

Sim site of the week: Anubis under the sun

My favourite go-to place for hair is Anubis Under the Sun.  Anubis takes hairs from some of the best creators, including Nouk, Peggy, Anto, NewSea and TumTum and retextures them so that they look great.  Anubis has good taste and most of the hairs s/he chooses to retexture are ones you would actually want in your game (except when s/he gets a request for something weird).  About 75% of the custom hair my sims wear can be downloaded from her site as well, which is handy for those seeking the barnets of my simmies when you’ve downloaded them.

S/he also does some outfits and accessories from time to time, which are equally great – though sometimes s/he sticks stuff up over at MTS rather than the blog, so keep an eye on Anubis’s page there, too.

Sim site of the week: Pink’s Madness

There are some great ISBI challenge stories out there at the moment, and Pinkfiend1’s ‘Pink’s Madness‘ is one of the furthest in, and one of the funniest. She manages to get across the frustrations, delights and surprises of running a household where you can only control one sim with her trademark mixture of humour, resignation and bewilderment. It’s a great blog and well worth your attention.

Sim site(s) of the week special: Quadruple Legacy Congratulations!

It’s been mad few weeks for legacy followers, as four great legacies reached their conclusions. Hrootbeer was first off the blocks, completing the Kendrick Leagcy. The Kendricks are part of what I like to think of as v1.0 legacies, those that started way back when on the EA boards, and it’s nice to see another blogger from that time get to the end, and in style.

Mariah’s been blogging up Chim-Chim-Cheree for some time now as well, and today posted up the final chapters. Goodbye Chimerees, and thanks for the genetic donations to my Who’s Your Daddy? Challenge!

Desmera recently went as fast as lightning through her Spectrum legacy (AKA the most colourful family in Twinbrook), but her quality never let up all the way through.

And finally, Polly decided to bring the Sander Legacy to an end at generation 6, which is sad, but it was a great journey and she made sure to finish it rather than leave us all dangling.

Well done ladies, and I can’t wait to catch up with all your new endeavours!

Sim site of the week: Veronika Storm

I’ve been working my way through Veronika Storm, Ilandrya’s detective story, for a while now (just six chapters until I’m up to date!) and if you love Edith Prescott, you’ll love this.  The Sims’ answer to Salt, Bond and Bourne, Veronika Storm is a secret agent whose missions take her all over the world (WA is used very well in this story) and whose heart is tempted by a range of attractive men.

There are five (so far) cases in the series and the writing and pictures just get better and better.  It’s an adult series, so the usual warnings about age apply, but for those old enough to enjoy the ride, Veronika Storm is an exciting rollercoaster to be on!

Sim site of the week: Got to Keep the Loonies on the Path

It’s not often I will feature two legacies back to back, but then it’s not often you find a husband and wife both running excellent legacy blogs.  Ringoosu is the husband of Desmera (of the Spectrum legacy fame) and his legacy, Got to Keep the Loonies on the Path, is one of the funniest I’ve ever read.  Seriously, it’s laugh-out-loud, don’t-read-when-you’re-sneakily-checking-sim-blogs-in-public territory.  His second gen heir is one of my favourite sims of all time, and you’ll soon see why…

Sim site of the week: The Spectrum Legacy (aka the most colourful family in Twinbrook)

You want to know what I love in a legacy? When it’s fun, warm and it’s clear the writer enjoys playing and writing about their sims. Desmera is therefore my kind of simmer, and The Spectrum Legacy (aka The Most Colourful Family in Twinbrook, because there are several Spectrum legacies!) is right up my street. It’s a rainbow legacy and the names she comes up with for the kids are hilarious. She does update at a rapid pace though, but the chapters are easy to whip through if you get behind.

Sim site of the week: After Ten Years

Do Taken and the Edith Prescott Mystery Series keep you on tenterhooks?  Then let me introduce you to After Ten Years.  Amelia’s story of little Andy and the mysteries she finds herself in is addictive.  It’s a very engaging mystery, with some fab characters and some gorgeous, gorgeous staging.  I love this story so much and I’m pretty sure you will too.  Andy is a wonderful, and different, heroine, and one you will fall for straight away.

Sim site of the week: The Stephansdom ISBI

The ISBI (I’m surrounded by idiots) is a challenge that’s as insane as it sounds.  Well, because that’s the trait everyone has to have. (It’s OK you can stop groaning now).  The idea is each generation has one ‘torch holder’ you can control, and everyone else is on free will.

The Stephansdom ISBI is a great, regularly updated, take on this challenge.  it’s hilarious and has some real characters in it, and if you’re quick, you can catch up to the current update and vote on then Gen 3 heir poll, where two very different girls are vying to win (or should that be lose??).

Sim site of the week: The Chagall Legacy

It’s always tricky to get a legacy to be unique – everyone starts with the same basic template: live on the grass, produce some sprogs, go for ten generations, and it often takes a couple of generations before it feels unique. However, The Chagall Legacy blows that idea out of the water and right from the first post, it becomes a different beast entirely, with a strong storyline as the founder spends a lot of time exploring and getting into various scrapes overseas, while befriending a neighbour with issues of her own. I know I’m not selling it well so far, but there are mysteries here, and a great set of characters – and it doesn’t even feel like it’s a legacy yet so I’m intrigued to see how that will develop. This is also the best use of World Adventures I’ve seen in any sim blog to date and wait until you see writer Tesseracta’s way of handling the whole lawn living issue. I love this story so much!

Sim site of the week: Club Crimsyn

Club Crimsyn is one of the best known and most interesting Custom Content sites out there.  They provide stuff for both TS2 and TS3 and have a distinctive style.  There’s a lot of alternative, industrial, grungy, goth and urban stuff there, with some brilliant hair, clothing and scenery – it’s a particularly rich source for male sims, which is very welcome considering all the CC there is for females.

However, the best thing ever is the new Pandorica Opens set of Doctor Who goodies.  At least Christmas won’t seem so far too wait when you can stare at Daleks and the TARDIS every day.

Sim site of the week: The McCool Legacy

JCNorn is one of the cutest, sweetest, funniest simmers you could hope to meet, and her legacy blog reflects her personality.  The McCool Legacy is sweet, funny, educational and most of all it’s the most enthusiastic legacy I’ve read.  JC really throws herself into her simming (and the same enthusiasm comes through when she comments on other people’s blogs) and her enthusiasm is infectious.  She also has some amazing looking sims, and though she works them hard, they all seem to have a nice time – who wouldn’t, under her charge?