More Dayes

screenshot-2311The Dayes are back again in Dayes of Plenty – whereby our supernatural mania goes a bit crazy.

The Knights are children at the moment so watch this space for them.


New Dayes

The Dayes are back in a post that seems quite short but represents a LONG time of playing: Six degrees of sim frustration. Eh. The Knights’ next gen have been born and I’m hoping to update both again by the end of the month.

Dreaming of a Knight Christmas?


I had hoped to update Kingsfield and Taken by now, but the best laid plans and all that.

Still, I have a Knights update for you at long last: 3. Just the things that you do in this garden, AND a Dayes one: Park Life.


May your Dayes be merry and bright


And may all your Christmases be Knight!

Happy Christmas everyone!

A Snap of Life #4

Time for the latest in Indigo Blind’s exploits… This time the theme is ‘Taking the Next Step’: You’ve been dating for awhile now. The next step is Engagement.
Who asked who? Where? How? Was it on bended knee? Was it romantic? Or could it have used abit more thought?
Headshot, Bodyshot, Freestyle, Extras (max 4)
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A Snap of Life #3

Here’s the third of Indigo Blind’s escapades in Barnacle Bay. The latest theme is ‘The First Date’. First Dates are always awkward. But some are perfect. Whats this date like? Who’s it with? Where’d you go? Was it a successful first date, or was it one to add to the list of ‘worst dates of your life’? A HeadShot, A Bodyshot and A Freestyle are required. As usual post other pictures if you want (max 4)

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Triple whammy

I feel like making up for lost time and I don’t feel like editing the two most boring chapters of my thesis, even though it needs doing, so have yourself THREE-count-em chapters of Operation: Population. I reckon there are probably three chapters left after these, hope you enjoy them:

60. Adopting a Baby

61. Gaining a Lodger

62. Welcoming a Final Child

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New Knights and Dayes

Due to the supreme annoyingness of post-Generations saves, the new Dayes of Our Lives chapter, This wasn’t supposed to happen is rather short. But it exists, unlike a new Operation: Population chapter, because their game is too screwed up to play. I have a few rescue plans, but they’re all quite long and involved so it might take some time. I am determined to finish their challenge and story though.

The Knights are much easier to play than the others, and they’re zipping through the generations as a result. Meet the eighth gen in 8. And the Sky was all Violet.

I hope to get Taken updated on Sunday, depending on how much time I get this weekend.

New Operation: Population

Crikey!  It’s been about six weeks!  I have been playing the Populouses but their save file is really buggy and crashy so it takes a long time to get anywhere – still, with the large extended family and the challenge coming so close to its end, I won’t be doing anything drastic like moving them, we’ll just have to muddle along.  Anyway, catch up with the clan in 58. Having a Routine.  Now to spend a little bit of time with both the Dayes and the Knights so we can move towards more updates…

Updates and uploads

Taken’s been updated: 29. Anniversary. Rainbow Knights has also been updated: 5. Behind the Green Door.

As well as the updates, I’ve put up loads more sims for download (but have forgotten Udagawa Populous and OrangeWeds Knight – next time I’m in the game I’ll sort that out). I *think* there should be versions available with default and non-default skins where relevant. Even if you use non-default skins in your game, you might want to download the default versions and fix a non-default skin on yourself in CAS as I know sims with non-default skins can cause game crashing sometimes. All my skins come from GoS, Lady Frontbum, Club Crimsyn and Miss Skitty. If anything goes wrong, let me know.

There probably won’t be any new updates to any of the blogs for two or three weeks now, as I have deadlines coming up.

Sim site of the month: Wilde Oats

Skehrer has a wicked sense of humour, as you’ll know if you read her Food Legacy. Now she’s started a Family Man challenge, Wilde Oates.  The aim is simple – father as many babies as possible.  If you think Pinkfiend’s male sims got their ends away plenty, you’ve seen nothing (Pink, it’s up to you if you see this as a challenge…).

I laughed lots, whilst fearing for Skehrer’s sanity…

New Dayes at long last!

Sorry it’s been so long.  I expect to have a Rainbow Knights update sooner than anticipated, if that’s any consolation?  I’m aiming for Taken Thursday or Friday as well.  OP might be a little way off yet.  I have two thesis chapters due at the start of May so even the million bank holidays we get are going to be taken up with work 😦

Anyway, not that much is changing in the Dayes’ world.  We truly are In it for the long haul.

New Knights!

I haven’t played the Dayes or Populouses in weeks so not sure when they’ll update – it might not be until we break up for Easter in mid-April 😦

Apologies, but life is very busy at the moment.

But I hope it’s good news that there’s a new Rainbow Knights chapter, 4. It was all Yellow.  Oh, and I’ve just installed Sims Medieval…

New Dayes and OP

In 56. Confronting a Reality, there are more Populous birthdays and maybe, just maybe, a conception…

The Dayes are having their usual glitchtastic fun in Abort, Retry Fail.

I’m sick today so going to cheer myself up by seeing what the yellow generation of Knights turn out like!


I’m afraid this slowing-down is likely to continue throughout most of 2011 as I try to finish my thesis. When teaching ends in May it may pick up a little, but no promises. Rest assured, all the blogs will still be updated regularly, just not as regularly as they were. Still, you have two new updates to enjoy this week: the Dayes get very weird in Altogether Ooky, whilst the Populouses are seeing more grandchildren and birthdays in 55. Meeting a Father.

Sim site of the week: The Twinbrook Fields

These excellent DITFT stories keep coming, and Hrootbeer’s The Twinbrook Fields has been a favourite for a while now.  The Fields have an interesting mix of characters to rival Hrootbeer’s delightful Kendrick family, and she’s really getting under their skin to find out what makes them tick.

The latest Field, Mickey the musician, is perhaps one of the most interesting yet, and this story is well worth a few hours’ of your time.

Dayes and Knights

The latest Dayes update, Fireman Sham, sees a rather unhappy Rad, as you might gather from the title.

I’d also like to introduce you to a small side-project of mine, Rainbow Knights.  This is a ten-generation, ten-chapter super-speedy-rainbow-uglacy.  By super-speedy I mean speedy to read and played on short mode.  Yup, my sims are only living for 25 days.  It’s a bit of fun for when I just want a change from the Dayes and Populouses, and expect updates very infrequently.  Still, chapter 1: Paint it Black is ready now if you want to say hello to Generation one.

I’m aiming to update Taken mid-week, but don’t expect Operation: Population to update for at least another week as I haven’t had time to play with them since the last chapter.

Sim site of the week: Koel sims

You may remember Mariah from the fabulous Chim Chim Cheree.  Since she completed that story, she’s set up her own blog, Koel Sims to house her beautiful sims and her cracking stories.  You can download all her gorgeous sims, so Cocaine Chimeree can continue to spread his genes through your story (which, I believe, is customary if you play Sims 3).

There are two main stories on the site at the moment, another legacy, The Shepherd Legacy, and her hilarious Skipton ISBI.  Not only does she write hilarious updates at a frequent pace, she has the most beautiful sims and lots, the kind that’ll make you envious.


Sorry for the delays, I was ill with flu last week and at a conference this week. Sim site of the week will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, the Dayes are continuing to underachieve (except one of them anyway) in The Vampire (sim, ghost and simbot) Diaries, there are more births and deaths in Operation Population 53. Having a Spectral Encounter, and in Taken 23. Plotting, several people are trying to manipulate events…

Updates and holiday!

In *Evil grin* the Dayes are up to mischief and Pepperoni makes an unexpected find, whilst it’s Thanksgiving in chapter 18 of Taken.  I’m in Germany until Tuesday now and I don’t think I’ll be updating OP until I get back, not least because I haven’t played enough for a full update.  I may see you online if I have wifi but if not, I’ll see you all when I get back.  Expect a small delay before new updates because I won’t have any simming time with being away.