New Dayes


Yes, after a couple of months because I was in another play, the Dayes are back in I’ll have a blue Ice Pop in which they get to Isla Paradiso. Or some of them, anyway.

The Knight kids are teenagers now so expect an update soon-ish.

I’m presenting another Sims 4 paper this week and will put the slides online later. The surveys have closed now, so I have a few months of analysing the data and writing about things – am keeping an interested eye on developments too…


GoS monthly challenge – five sims (downloads available)

The monthly challenge over at GoS at the moment is to make a number of sims from a series of 26 prompts.  I chose to do the five sims in a month challenge and rolled dice to determine which of the prompts I would use.  They were: Moss, Teal, Crimson, Vinaceous and Cyclops.  The sims and some shots of them are below, and I’ve hopefully uploaded them OK but it’s my first time using MediaFire so do tell me if it’s working or not!

Traits and LTWs have been selected from across the base game and both EPs though I assume the game will just replace the traits if you don’t have either EP installed. Continue reading