And another Daye update!


I haven’t been well this week, so I’ve been working at home and I haven’t been out anywhere in the evenings or weekends – which has meant my evenings and weekends have been spent simming (inbetween sleeping)… and that means another Daye update, a mere week after the last one! Enjoy as we go back and forth between the future, the present and island living…


More Dayes… and more of the Knights


The Knights are lucky I love them because the amount of crashing and freezing they put me through… anyway, a new chapter has finally been squeezed out: 5. Starry Starry Knights.

The Dayes are being just as annoying, but in different ways, in their new chapter In which I want to kill Dracula all over again.

Double Dayes


Oh, the fun of being off work for a few days – two Dayes updates for you!

We fail at going Into the Future in Future-Proof and we repeatedly fail at sim-killing in Killing in the Name Of.  We also get very sad about Twallan’s retirement when our game glitches all the freaking time and we realise we can’t ask him how to make it better any more (but thank you for EVERYTHING, Twallan, you are a LEGEND).

Uh-oh, the Dayes have pets…

I was the worst TS1 Pets player ever. I feel I should warn you, ahead of the impending carnage that the Dayes having pets will become. Meet the first victims: This will not end well.

In other news, I passed my PhD! (Well, subject to minor modifications/ amendments, which is normal). You may now call me Dr Rad. My PhD supervisor even emailed all my colleagues with the message headline Dr RAD because she’s sweet like that.

Time to fire up my game and get some shots for Taken, and then try and get to the end of the Populouses’ story…

New Dayes!

Well, it’s been two months, but we finally have a new Dayes of Our Lives chapter: Guess who’s back, back again?

I get my thesis back from the proof-reader tomorrow, then I have the edits to do on that and it’ll be handed in some time this week, which means I don’t have to think about it until my viva (oral exam) in November. Although I’ve taken on a new, more intense role at work, I should still have more simming time from now on, so everything will be updated more often than it has been of late. I’ve started playing through the next Knights and Populouses chapters and plan to get another Taken chapter shot soon as well. I’ll also be able to start catching up on months’ worth of reading now. So hooray for that.

New Knights and Dayes

Due to the supreme annoyingness of post-Generations saves, the new Dayes of Our Lives chapter, This wasn’t supposed to happen is rather short. But it exists, unlike a new Operation: Population chapter, because their game is too screwed up to play. I have a few rescue plans, but they’re all quite long and involved so it might take some time. I am determined to finish their challenge and story though.

The Knights are much easier to play than the others, and they’re zipping through the generations as a result. Meet the eighth gen in 8. And the Sky was all Violet.

I hope to get Taken updated on Sunday, depending on how much time I get this weekend.

New Dayes and busy days

So the Dayes, Knights and I are having fun with Generations and there’s a new Dayes of Our Lives update: My Generation(s). Taken’s been a bit on the back burner because in the free time I do have to play, I’ve been playing with the EP and been doing a new Boolprop’s Next Top Model. (Jupiter Jones. I’ll upload him after the competition, but he’s the fella whose picture’s in this update).

The Populouses are pretty unplayable right now. They’ve crashed within minutes the last four times I’ve played them. Maybe their complicated family set-up is too much for the game (though it hasn’t affected the incestuous Knight clan). I don’t know what I’ll do there but I’ll be working on fixing it.

Other than that, my PhD deadline approaches faster than I’d like so don’t expect much simming/blogging/reading through June and July as I finish my first and second drafts. It might increase in August when I’ll mostly be editing to prepare for final submission – we’ll see.

New Dayes at long last!

Sorry it’s been so long.  I expect to have a Rainbow Knights update sooner than anticipated, if that’s any consolation?  I’m aiming for Taken Thursday or Friday as well.  OP might be a little way off yet.  I have two thesis chapters due at the start of May so even the million bank holidays we get are going to be taken up with work 😦

Anyway, not that much is changing in the Dayes’ world.  We truly are In it for the long haul.

New Dayes and OP

In 56. Confronting a Reality, there are more Populous birthdays and maybe, just maybe, a conception…

The Dayes are having their usual glitchtastic fun in Abort, Retry Fail.

I’m sick today so going to cheer myself up by seeing what the yellow generation of Knights turn out like!


I’m afraid this slowing-down is likely to continue throughout most of 2011 as I try to finish my thesis. When teaching ends in May it may pick up a little, but no promises. Rest assured, all the blogs will still be updated regularly, just not as regularly as they were. Still, you have two new updates to enjoy this week: the Dayes get very weird in Altogether Ooky, whilst the Populouses are seeing more grandchildren and birthdays in 55. Meeting a Father.

Dayes and Knights

The latest Dayes update, Fireman Sham, sees a rather unhappy Rad, as you might gather from the title.

I’d also like to introduce you to a small side-project of mine, Rainbow Knights.  This is a ten-generation, ten-chapter super-speedy-rainbow-uglacy.  By super-speedy I mean speedy to read and played on short mode.  Yup, my sims are only living for 25 days.  It’s a bit of fun for when I just want a change from the Dayes and Populouses, and expect updates very infrequently.  Still, chapter 1: Paint it Black is ready now if you want to say hello to Generation one.

I’m aiming to update Taken mid-week, but don’t expect Operation: Population to update for at least another week as I haven’t had time to play with them since the last chapter.


Sorry for the delays, I was ill with flu last week and at a conference this week. Sim site of the week will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, the Dayes are continuing to underachieve (except one of them anyway) in The Vampire (sim, ghost and simbot) Diaries, there are more births and deaths in Operation Population 53. Having a Spectral Encounter, and in Taken 23. Plotting, several people are trying to manipulate events…

Happy New Year!

And as a present, have a couple of updates!  In Hard Dayes Night, Bramble Daye is discovering the joys of underage drinking, the new heir is revealed and Gen 7 continue torturing me.

Over with the Populous family, there are births, deaths and birthdays in 52. Facing a Rejection.

Taken and Sim Site of the Week will be back in early January (and hey, January will be with us in just a few hours!)

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!